Top 5 First Doctor stories

Doctor Who fans love a list and a ranking (quiet at the back… :wink: )

What are you top 5 First Doctor stories?

Having just completed a rewatch of the entire era, these are a bit fresher in my mind.

(And no, Marco Polo and The Crusade aren’t even troublng my top 10 let alone my top 5 - find both stories immensely boring. Just outside the top 5 would be An Unearthly Child, The Space Museum and The Celestial Toymaker)

To be honest I’ve only watched them all once #FakeFan :sweat_smile:

But The Aztecs is definitely number one for me also, and I loved The Time Meddler (felt a bit like modern Who with a rival Time Lord!), I liked The Daleks because it was so iconic although it did drag on.

I need to watch them all again!

Doctor Who always deserves to be watched again!

Once - once! I’ve probably seen The Aztecs a minimum of 10 times!

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Well in 2020 I discovered that all of Classic Who was added to BritBox in the UK (I think that’s when it first became available) so I was able to stream it without having to buy lots of DVDs.

I’d seen every NuWho episode dozens of times over and over but only ever seen clips of Classic, so I decided a marathon was in order.

It took me from Jan 2020 until February 2022 (I was busy!) but I watched every episode, including reconstructions, in order. In between watching them I read several behind-the-scenes books about each episode including About Time, Running through corridors, The TARDIS Eruditorum, Adventures with the wife in space.

So that’s over 2 years of being totally engrossed in Classic Who, first time watching it. It was during this time that I started building TARDIS Guide!

Since then I’ve been even more busy so not had time to rewatch, even though there are many I’d like to see again, even if to get a sense why others feel a certain way about it.

One day I’ll watch them again and rate them on the site, just don’t have confidence rating after seeing just once!

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Everything about that makes absolute sense - except reading the Eruditorum. Biggest load of ridiculous pseudo-academia I’ve ever had the misfortune to stumble over. Can’t stand it and she wilfully misunderstands a huge swathe of the context of Doctor Who to push an agenda.

Oh! I quite enjoyed it, except for a few large essays that went into totally unrelated TV and stuff that I skipped. Can’t say I really spotted any agenda, but maybe it went over my head :sweat_smile:

It’s one or two of the Season 3 Hartnell’s where she asserts that, basically, anyone involved in the show was a massive racist.

(I’m exaggerating of course, but her essay on The Celestial Toymaker states that Michael Gough is in yellow face when he patently isn’t).

But anyway - I’m going to moderate my own thread and point out this off-topic!

Top 5 Hartnell’s anyone?




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I’ve only seen a handful of 1st Doctor stories so I’ll come back to this after I get through his era in the full classic watch that I’m planning to start soon, but I’d say that of what I’ve seen Edge of Destruction is probably my favorite. Love a good bottle episode.

You won’t find many fans of The Edge of Destruction but it’s good that every story has it’s champions. It’s one I have enjoyed before but it didn’t go down particularly well with my 15 year old (they were about 12/13 at the time of watching it) and the last time I watched it, I wasn’t particularly fussed.

it’s been a while since i watched the first doctor (seven years?) but i remember really enjoying the time meddler and the dalek master plan, i wish they’d brought back the monk again

There are bits of The Daleks’ Masterplan I like but I do think it goes on for too long. Kevin Stoney is very good though and I’m glad we have at least one episode with the Delegates. I wish we could see Sara’s death properly though.

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Haven’t watched them all and the ones I watched, I’ve only seen once but here’s my ranking:

  1. The Chase
  2. The Romans
  3. The Daleks
  4. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  5. Planet of Giants

The Chase is the goat. Just absolute mayhem. Planet of Giants is probably the only hot take in my top 5 but I love how absolutely different it is from everything that came before or after :smiley:

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I like The Chase for it’s sheer chutzpah and you’re right about Planet of Giants - and the design work on that is phenomenal.

Well there is a word I didn’t know that describes the episode perfectly :joy:

The First Doctor is my favourite incarnation of the Classic era, so here’s my top 5:

  1. The Tenth Planet
  2. The Dalek Master Plan
  3. The Aztecs
  4. The Romans
  5. An Unearthly Child

I always have trouble ranking anything with Doctor who, there are some amazing serials in the first Doctor but I don’t think I could rank them.
2 of my favorites are the tenth planet, and the mutants (or the daleks, or whatever you want to call it)
I also really like keys of Marinus and the aztecs

Oh and daleks invasion of earth, can never forget about that one, there that’s 5, just don’t ask me to order them

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Ordering things can be hard, can’t it.


Honestly if I tried to come up with a top 5 again next week it would probably be different, I love so much of it it’s hard to pick

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I recently watched The Tenth Planet but found it terribly dull. Just didn’t click with me this time round.

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