Thoughts on Season 6B

(Note: I don’t quite know what category this fits in. If it counts as TV or should stay in General?)

What are everyone’s thoughts on Season 6B? Is it necessary? Is it worth it for the Expanded Universe stories that have been placed within its bounds? I’m curious as to what you all think.

I used to be a big promoter of this ‘season’ and even wrote a fan fiction story set there. (It was called The Lizard Apes and wasn’t very good).

I haven’t actually read the books set there by Terrance Dicks but was a bit disappointed when Big Finish seemed to start dismissing the gap - only to then reintroduce it again with the Beyond the War Games set.

It’s all got a bit confused as to whether it’s a thing in the expanded universe or not.

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I’m really enjoying what Big Finish are doing with it. It’s a creative, if unnecessary, solution to a continuity error, and a nice and interesting way of taking a 60-year old character and developing them past their canonical endpoint, taking them to new places as a character that you couldn’t go before

Interestingly (annoyingly), all of this can easily be brushed aside and replaced with the whole “bigenerated timeline” thing


I’m not sure what I think of the concept. There are TV Comic stories that are clearly set after the War Games (TV Comic 916-936), so I suppose the concept actually stems from there. I understand from various sources, and I may be wrong, that the main concept as we know it appeared in the 1980s as a way to explain what seemed to be continuity errors related to The Two Doctors primarily, and to a lesser extent The Five Doctors, that stemmed from Troughton being able to control the TARDIS and working for the Time Lords in The Two Doctors. From there, Terrence Dicks wrote a couple novels set in this “Season”, there have been a scattering of other stories set there, and then Big Finish set their current run of Second Doctor Adventures here.

I haven’t listened to the new Second Doctor stuff. I have them, but haven’t listened to them yet. I also haven’t read the Terrence Dicks novels as, living in the USA, older Doctor Who novels are hard to get a hold of in general. I don’t think the continuity error with the TV show is as glaring as it seems in order to warrant the creation of Season 6B. In fact, Big Finish did a decent job fixing the hole with the Early Adventures story The Black Hole, which featured the Meddling Monk. That really only leaves the TV Comic stories as absolutely needing the existance of Season 6B as I don’t see any way of retconning those (short of just throwing them out entirely).