The Sarah Jane Adventures appreciation thread

So, who loved The Sarah Jane Adventures?

It was a little overlooked because it was “just a kids show”, and the most popular episodes by far are the ones with the Doctor in it, but I absolutely loved this show for it’s own merits, and am so glad they are continuing it on after the sad passing of Elisabeth by doing new audio dramas.

Favourite episodes? Favourite characters?


I absolutely adore the SJA, such a great spinoff. “The Death of the Doctor” is indeed amazing. Jo Jones absolutely steals Sarah Jane’s show, the Doctor telling Jo that “it looks like someone baked you” is hilarious :grin:
“The Curse of Clyde Langer” has the biggest heartbreak of the entire Whoniverse, there is just nothing “kids show” about that ending. When Clyde realises that Ellie also was using a fake name and that she has gone with the Night Dragon truck. I was just not ready for such emotional heartbreak from this kind of show. My eyes most definitely got misty
Also more K-9 is always good :sunglasses:


I did overlook it at the time. I am so hapy that I am watching it now. I am on the final story of season 3. The first 2 seasons where a little stronger then the third one.


It meant so much to me when it came out and it still does. My favourite episode is Prisoner of the Judoon, partly bc Androvax is cool and partly bc evil Sarah Jane… (we all had a gay awakening somewhere, right :sweat_smile:)

Mostly I just love how much it refuses to pull punches. Series 5 is sublime and hits so hard, but there are so many other episodes that talk about some pretty heavy stuff but never in a condescending way. I am so glad they made this show for real, it is so good


I LOVE SJA its so fun and i am obsessed with the trickster forever!!! the tricksters brigade being the only villains to appear in doctor who, torchwood, AND sja is so important to me


Unfortunately, I only ever made it through the first three episodes.

Not because I disliked it; that was just what I had time for at the time, and I was watching for free with Amazon Prime. Later on, I did decide to go back, and they weren’t free there any more.

In fact, if I go now, they want me to subscribe to Max, and supporting those guys is about the last thing I want to do…

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I have to admit that this is the only spin-off I haven’t watched yet (save for a few snippets here and there). Not that I’m not interested; I’ve just never had the time. I do love Lis Sladen, though, and Sarah Jane as a character.

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Ahh it’s such a shame that TSJA isn’t available where you are. When the Disney deal was announced I was hoping they’d have the whole Whoniverse on there :cry:

The BBC should just let people pay for iPlayer! That’s money left on the table.


There’s probably a good chance that NuWho, Torchwood, and SJA all move over to Disney whenever the Max contract ends (next year I think). And I’m sure the exclusivity clauses of the Max and Disney contracts prevent them from making the show available on iPlayer in the US even if they wanted to.

Well, technically, I could subscribe to Max, I just want nothing to do with any streaming services owned by David Zaslav…

I do wish they’d put everything on Disney+, given Doctor Who is the main reason I still have it. Otherwise, I was going to cancel now that The Owl House has ended.

I would absolutely pay the tv tax if I could get iPlayer and all of BBC streaming. Plenty of other stuff I’d like to watch on there…


Just watched Death of the Doctor and it hit me that this is probably the New Who episode with the most references to the classic stuff. Especially in the end when SJS talks about other companions she knows about. Interestingly, this is in a program aimed at kids.


It was aimed at kids but always with half an eye on fans, knowing they’d 100% be watching.


Just watched The Curse of Clyde Langer. That was brilliant. Such is a good way to show homelessness and how it can happen to anyone. Also heart-crushing that we never got a good between Ellie and Clyde.



Got the box set today. :blush: Bought from amazon because it was cheaper than eBay.

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I really enjoyed the show when I first watched through it a couple of years ago with my siblings! Although it’s probably my least favorite of the three main TV spinoffs, I still think it’s good and shouldn’t be relegated to just “the kids’ spinoff”. It has some really incredible stories and characters—Maria, Clyde, and Rani are great characters especially, and my favorite parts of the show tend to be related to them (for instance, I became quite invested in the “Clani” ship). Some of my favorite episodes were Warriors of Kudlak, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, The Lost Boy, The Last Sontaran, The Day of the Clown, The Mark of the Berserker, The Eternity Trap, The Nightmare Man, The Empty Planet, Lost in Time, The Curse of Clyde Langer, and The Man Who Never Was. I began to feel in series 3 & 4 that the show started frequently falling into tropes and cliches that really annoyed me, especially around Sarah’s character, but I still largely enjoyed the show. Series 2, 4, and 5 are my favorites, then series 1, and series 3 is my least favorite.

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I grew up on SJA, really I think I loved it before I loved Doctor Who. I rewatched it for the first time a few years ago when it appeared on britbox (first time all the way through after seeing so many episodes so many times on CBBC) and it really cemented my love for it. Some of it is just solid fun but a lot tries and rarely fails to incorporate more mature ideas. I mean Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane? is really some incredible television. My absolute favourite is the Mark of the Berserker, it really just works for me. Another one that hit me particularly hard was the Nightmare Man, I rewatched it a few weeks before starting university and it just hit all the right notes of everything I was feeling and thinking at the time, I have never related to a character as much as I did Luke in that episode, and I had to take a break from my watchthrough for a bit just to like… process.
anyone else who loves SJA really should watch Farewell Sarah-Jane Smith, its really a bookend for the series for me and no watchthrough is complete without watching it and crying your eyes out :sob:


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Hi all! i just finished the Sarah Jane Adventures for the first time—I was just a bit too young to watch it first time around, but now I’ve finally finished it (I started back in 2022, but I was watching with my dad and was delayed working away from home), I have to say I loved the whole thing so much!! It felt very much like a show that grew up with its audience; seasons 4 and 5 were very mature, and full of some really excellent storytelling.

The character work was so good too! Rani and Clyde are two extremely well written characters—and excellently performed as well. They were the standouts of the final few series to me, alongside or course the effervescent Lis Sladen.

I’d have to say my favourite episodes were Mark of the Berserker (that final scene by the beach is so powerful), Lost in Time (so fun and really heartfelt) and the Curse of Clyde Langer (again, that scene where Clyde searches for Ellie, only to find out he never knew her real name in the first place, is immaculate storytelling). But the whole series was a stunner. So good!


I’ve seen people write SJA off as ‘just a kids show’ but that doesn’t do it justice at all - yes it’s silly and there’s slime, but even from s1 it’s hitting all these topics that are really impactful, and it does it really well. I love this show so much, and a little of it is the bias of having watched it at just the right age, but it is also just a beautiful show