The Church on Ruby Road

What did everyone think of the recent Christmas special? And Ncuti and Millie in particular? :star_struck:


I thought Ncutia and Millie were great. I thought the story was a bit inconsequential and most of the Goblin stuff had been in the released clip, but there was enough to engage throughout and I’m a firm believer that rewatching any episode of Doctor Who is an absolute must before making a final judgement on it.

I know a few friends of mine will not be keen on the leaning into fantasy element but it doesn’t bother me as I’ve always seen Doctor Who as Science Fantasy anyway.


I personally loved that they finally embraced fantasy elements without feeling the need to give some science-y alien explanation! And yeah, Ncuti and Millie were great and immediately I think they’re gonna be one of my favorite tardis teams


My pros and cons were:

Pros: Ncuti is incredible, he’s everything I hoped he would be. Millie is great, very likeable. The family aspect is something I’ve missed during the Chibnall and Moffat years, glad to have a family again! The song was incredible, especially the bit they sang live, makes me want a fully musical episode :pray: loved the Goblins and the Goblin King.

Cons: Story was a bit simple (yes I know it’s only a Christmas story). And although I love fantasy, I’m not 100% sure about pure fantasy in Doctor Who, but we will see where it leads!

It has definitely made me really excited about the show again!


Quite the good debut for the Fifteenth Doctor, despite not exactly being my favourite Christmas Special (Twice Upon a Time for the win!). Also, the fact that I’m only 4 years younger than Millie makes me feel old, and I don’t know why :sweat_smile:


That makes you feel old! How on earth do you think the rest of us feel! :crazy_face:


Probably as ancient as a Time Lord :rofl:


Joke angry face- just in case anyone doubted my tone!

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Yeah, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of how far it’s going down the fantasy route, though I’m willing to see where it goes

Thought it was pretty rubbish tbh. Sorry.

we are not allowed to say we didn’t like it? My post flagged?

I think the automatic flagging system was being a bit over sensitive.

I thought Ncuti and Millie were great but did find the story a bit lacklustre. Like all Who, though, it deserves a second watch.

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Ah Ok. Maybe I was a bit harsh lol


  • 15 was great.
  • Scene with the police officer was perfect.
  • Ruby seems good so far.
  • Like Cherry Sunday & Ruby’s mother.
  • Song and dance number.
  • The language of rope.
  • Intrigued by Ms. Flood.


  • Goblin King was not David Bowie.
  • The Doctor murdered the goblin king by impaling him on a spike.
  • Needs more of the Doctor in a kilt.

When the Goblin King was impaled, my first thought was “oh that’s like The Little Mermaid” and sure enough, listening to the audio commentary that was RTD’s inspiration.

It’s one of those “it was an accident, not a deliberate murder, and he had it coming” type deaths which is fine by me. It’s not like the Doctor actually stabbed him himself. And he was gonna eat a baby. :baby:


Alright, reading it in the script actually pulls off that the timing was such that he had to do it right then better then what was actually shot, I think.

Baby Ruby is getting closer and closer… the gloves are running out, there’s additional singing…

Actually, there’s a fair amount of stuff in this script that didn’t get in, and interesting descriptions.

A HUGE, FLESHY CREATURE, Jabba-like, but bigger, all EXPANDING SKIN, like he’s GROWN INTO the far end of the room and melded into it, flesh knotted in with the ROPES and COBWEBS. In the MIDDLE, a GHASTLY, GRINNING noseless FACE. A HUGE, TOOTHY MOUTH waiting at the end of the conveyor belt.

The GOBLIN BAND goes wild! The song becomes a brassy BIG-BAND NUMBER. There’s now a GOBLIN TRUMPETER playing a huge CONCH-SHELL. The GOBLIN SINGER’S TOPKNOT comes undone, falls into BLONDE HAIR like Janice from the Muppets. Janice ROCKS!

Then, still holding on to Lulu, they start to LAUGH, go into a lovely HUG! Oh my God. How impossible was that?!? And then they laugh MORE! Exhilarated! They survived!

If you told me I’d spend my birthday. Fighting magic.
It’s not magic! It’s a language. It’s a different form of physics.
Yes, like magic! But how? Where do these things come from?

Hall: the Doctor to Ruby, in the Kitchen, and Cherry, in bed.

There was. An incursion. Into this world. D’you know the giggle? When everyone went mad? That was caused by a Drastic Transgression known as the Toymaker. And he brought his legions with him. This is his legacy. Forces of nature, but forces of a different nature. Writing their own rules. And I’m out of my depth. Got no rules. I love, love, love the rules!
You’re a crazy man.
C’est moi, cherie.

Honestly, I’m feeling like some of this should have made it in…


Yes it would have improved people’s understanding.


On Christmas Day, the Doctor going into a TED Talk “Do you remember the Giggle?” might have really slowed down the pace of the episode :laughing:


Absolutely loved it. It gets better on every rewatch (I see the “vision” for the new era more and more)

15 is already one of my favourite Doctors.


I thought it was enjoyable enough, I do really like Ncutis Perfomance in this one, showing how much charm he has in the Role. There were some nice use of time travel and overall it was pretty good at what it wanted to achieve. I am not so keen on the Goblins and especially the Goblin Song, I will give it a pass since it makes sense why it wasnt so stellar in universe.


Just uploaded my review of this story. Honestly, I’m happy that the first Christmas special in years was a really good one.

Was slightly worried we’d end up with something like that awful Narnia parody!

#1.Xmas. The Church on Ruby Road

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