The Church on Ruby Road

That’s fighting talk that is.

(For the record, I thought Church was fairly dull as Christmas specials go).


I’m going to rewatch the whole season with the new knowledge from the finale and see how I feel about it, but knowing what I know about the resolution to this story arc I think my enjoyment of Church may go down a bit.

Part of what made it exciting was the mystery.


The arc surrounding Ruby’s Mother has been quite polarising from what I’ve seen, but I personally love that she was revealed to be just an ordinary woman.

One of my biggest issues with companions from the revival is when they are treated like the most important people in creation - the DoctorDonna, Amy and Rory being River’s parents, Clara being scattered through the Doctor’s timeline.

Having Rubes be just this ordinary Mancunian lass with an interesting - but not sci-fi-centric - background story was honestly really refreshing to me.

I think that’s the big issue with a lot of big story arcs, though I can think of a few BigFinish audios which lose some of their sparkle the more familiar you become with them.

This is a good example of that. I went into ‘The Natural History of Fear’ blind and it absolutely blew me away - which seems to be the general consensus.

But once you realise that it’s - and don’t reveal the spoilers if you’ve not heard this story - Doctor Who does 1984, it loses that uniqueness and becomes just another experimental adventure, if that makes sense?