Speculating on the season finale

Oh I’d be so happy to see the Doctor and UNIT disagree again! Lately they’ve been shown very positively, with old companions working there and everything but many of my favorite moments with UNIT are the Doctor criticizing them haha


Apologies to those seeing my ramblings on Discord, but i’m gonna put them here too.

This mysterious thing from 3rd Doctor era UNIT is going to be some sort of Silurian artifact recovered from when the Brig destroyed them in ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’, and that artifact is going to be of some significance to a god of theirs. Talk about this video cassette that is going to be in the episode makes me think it’ll be some sort of documentation from someone at UNIT in 1970 (Benton, Shaw, Brig, 3 himself perhaps) accompanying the artifact saying how it seems to be religious in origin.

Everyone is pointing out ‘S. TRIAD’ is an anagram of ‘TARDIS’, which is fair but I think is a purposeful misdirect from RTD, and that in fact it stands for ‘Silurian Triad’ ie the custodians of the Silurian race (or similar) that we saw in ‘Warriors of the Deep’. I think they know UNIT have this artifact, and are building themselves up and making the world more dependent on their tech to make it easier to get into UNIT’s systems (‘Dynamic. We’re using Triad!’) so that they can recover this artifact and regain control of the Earth. But something goes wrong.

Susan Triad herself I think is going to be something like an avatar for this god to inhabit when they bring it back, and perhaps she does a Clara and somehow splinters herself through time at some point to sign-post the Doctor back to UNIT in 2024/5 so that he can stop the Triad from completing what it wants.

I think it fits in nicely with the rumoured ‘The War Between the Land and the Sea’ spin-off, in that the spin-off could be a prequel to all this where we see the last attempt of this god to maybe try to destroy the universe 150 million years ago (the one who waits).

Not quite sure how Ruby’s origins fit into this, but we did see her as a lizard in a temporary time line so maybe that was more than a comedic butterfly effect thing.

Still cooking this one at the moment, trying to figure out the niches!


I’m getting really excited for the finale episodes :grin:
And really scared that they should decide to emulate the She-Hulk finale :grimacing:


RTD revealed in a Radio Times interview the five episodes he recommends everyone to watch in preparation for the finale: Spearhead from Space, Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, A Good Man Goes to War, The Bells of St John and The Church on Ruby Road.

Can we surmise anything from these picks? Spearhead is because of UNIT and Bells has the Doctor on a motorcycle :grin:


That feels like a random pick of episodes :joy:


Will we have a race down Ruby Road between Captain Jack in a Wheelchair and Strax on an anti-grav motorcycle? I’m feeling decidedly silly today :eyes:


Maybe the Autons may be the big bad?


Thanks for sharing the article! He explains his choices in a bit more detail :slight_smile:


His explanation for the A Good Man Goes To War choice definitely makes me think even more that Ruby’s mother is someone we already know, like the Susan Foreman rumours that have never really gone away.


That’s not a bad theory at all! And as you say, it makes the rumours seem more likely. Then again, this is RTD so he might just be trolling us all :laughing:


Yeah, he’s good at trolling. It would be a bit of a letdown though if her Mum is just a randomer who we have never seen before in the show.


There’s a new clip from the finale up. Interesting how they discuss Susan Twist and meeting her multiple times, including a couple of times that we haven’t seen before. Maybe one of these happens in one of the three new novels?

Spoiler clip!



Novels are set on Cavia, Yewa, and medieval Russia going by the announcement

The trailer mentions Sloog, Varsity, and the fivefold configuration, so unfortunately doesn’t seem likely


Aaah well, perhaps in a future BF adventure then :wink:

It appears that the demon version of Susan isn’t the big bad of the finale, just another red herring that has everyone speculating.


Susan Triad.

S. TRIAD = TARDIS. RTD trolling again?


And the TARDIS started with the “indigestion” right after being near Susan Twist for the first time in Wild Blue Yonder :thinking:


I keep going here.

That the Doctor and Donna ended up with Isaac Newton was all a result of Donna spilling the coffee in the TARDIS. Does this entire season come down to Donna being clumsy? :thinking: I would love that!


The big bad of the season is therefore The Grumpy Coffee Monster??


That sounds like me in the morning