Speculating on the season finale

You’re all wrong! The last episode will obviously feature the return of Bok and the Primords, as we will find out that every TV story after Inferno has in fact taken place in the the parallel Inferno universe rather than the main universe!


No I know who The One Who Waits is!

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Just gonna wait


See, before the long buried secret bit was revealed, I was dead set on The Oldest One being Fenric.


Like I genuinely thought we could be leading up to a return of these things. Haemovores? I think that’s what they were called (I honestly find McCoy’s last season incredibly boring, so I can’t remmeber).


But knowing this, it’s probably just going to be the Master again.

We did see the gold tooth being taken away at the end of ‘The Giggle’, after all.

I genuinely think it will be something as mundane as that.


The thing with that is, the Master hasn’t been buried since the 3rd doctor era, they’ve shown up regularly since then. The phrasing implies to me that, whatever it is, it’s something preexisting that we haven’t seen since then

Also RTD said after Maestro’s name was revealed that he has no plans for the Master. They’ve been a regular feature for the past decade and need a rest. He could be lying, but seeing as the main point of his comment was confirming that Maestro wasn’t the Master (and that turned out to be true), I believe him


And to be fair, I agree with RTD that the Master needs a rest. I love the character, but we’ve had enough of them for a while.

So probably not Omega then. It could still be Kronos or Bok, though!


The Master definitely needs a rest.

I just had a look and they have actually used the Master in more stories in the Revival Era (22) than they ever did in all of the Classic Era (20)!

OK so The Master may have had more screentime in Classic, with the stories being much longer, but still - that’s a lot.


Maybe everything we see happening this season is all taking place within a Miniscope! :thinking:


To be fair, there were a bunch of stories that “had the Master in them” because Missy showed up for a moment in new Who. In classic Who, when the Master showed up, they were usually a big presence in the story.


Ah I suppose that’s true!

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A surprising amount of Master stories in new Who are two or three parters, too, and in classic who, we’d just count that as one story…


My opinion on the Master is that they should be used sparingly. A big ball of chaotic energy for a couple of episodes, and then gone for a couple of years. Just as you ‘forget’ about them, BAM, back to upend the status quo.

EDIT: and keep it a secret from the public.


Yeah it seemed like for a few years we were getting the Master and Cybermen every other season finale. If you don’t believe me, look at the finales for Series 8, 10 and 12: Missy/Cybermen, Missy/Saxon/Cybermen, Spymaster/Cybermen.


Based on the Guide, this would be the Master’s new Who appearances:
Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords
The End of Time 1/2
Deep Breath
Into the Dalek
The Caretaker
Dark Water/Death In Heaven
The Magicians Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar
Extremis/The Lie of the Land
Empress of Mars
World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls
Spyfall 1/2
Ascension of the Cybermen (Um, Shauny? The Master was in Timeless Children)
Power of the Doctor

And how many of those single episode appearances do you actually remember the Master in?


Whoops, haha, fixed!

Yeah I guess Missy having loads of little cameos did inflate the count a bit…


Yeah, she was kinda doing Roger Delgado lite, with appearing all the time, but not actually being the villain of the episodes or even being much in them.


First: " “The one who waits” hmmm, could be susan! That poor girl has been waiting for me for counts on fingers CENTURIES! Let’s pop in the tardis and have a quick visit, shall we hmm"


Ghost Light, The Curse of Fenric and Survival - boring! :scream:


I just personally prefer when McCoy is being light and whimiscal over the dark and brooding thing. Think that’s why I’ve been putting off returning to the ‘New Adventures’ books for a while.


Okay, this is a bit silly. Ncuti and Millie were at the react channel today and they had to choose between different options. When choosing between the Toymaker and the Master, Ncuti says this:

“To face another Timelord. Imagine there was another Millie here.”

Is this confirmation that Ruby is a Timelord?
(no there is not but it could be)