Soundtrack appreciation

I’ve been listening to my playlist of favourite DW soundtracks all day at work today and watching scenes in my head (who else has watched it enough that you can pinpoint specific scenes just from the soundtrack…? :sweat_smile:)

Goes without saying that The Shepherd’s Boy and This is Gallifrey are two of the most sublime pieces of music ever composed, but what are some other favourites? Some of mine are:

  • I Am The Doctor
  • The Enigma of River Song
  • Can I Come With You?
  • Boom Town Suite
  • The Life and Death of Amy Pond
  • Remembrance of the Daleks Suite
  • Prologue from the TV Movie

I also got several soundtracks stuck in my head for a while and sometimes they influence my mood. Like, whenever I manage to solve at last incredibly difficult homework, I play A Good Man? in my head, and I feel so powerful, I don’t know why.


I love Segun Akinola’s work. My favourite Dr Who composer is Paddy Kingsland, in fact I’ve recently ordered the vinyl release of his score for The Visitation.


Oooh, can you share your playlist?

I Am The Doctor is incredible, and I think is the most exciting and most “Doctor Who” song there is. It just makes me so happy.

The Doctor’s Theme - I love a theme with some angelic singing in it and every time I hear this song I get chills.

Clara? - The Doctor puts it best:

CLARA: Is it a sad song?
DOCTOR: Nothing’s sad till it’s over. Then everything is.

And as Ashildr/Me says, “It was sad, and it was beautiful.”

Doomsday - :sob:

Thirteen - this is great, it really goes for it! Very powerful, and more singing.

The Enigma of River Song - I can’t resist anything to do with River. Love it.

A Good Man? - I agree @TheLeo that is also a great one. Love the ticking sounds, very time traveller ish. Even if the title does remind me of my least favourite part of Capaldi’s series.

Song For Ten - A little cheesy, but since I first paid attention to the lyrics and applied them to Series 2… Now it’s a sad song for me!

I could go on. This show has such good music.


& of course Delia Derbyshire’s timeless arrangement of the theme tune.

What’s everyone’s favourite version?


My opinion changes all the time but honestly I thought 11’s was probably the best version for me.

I think it’s the best intro animation / vortex as well. The lightening strikes are exciting and scary, the right mood for the show. I especially loved when the logo morphed into the TARDIS and it span out :ok_hand:


Have to say that mine is the 1980 Peter Howell version. I just love it, a mix of old and new. Plus anything with a vocoder is a win in my books.


I was listening to Martha’s theme yesterday and I find it one of the most beautiful. I tend to also listen to A Dazzling End a lot, and The Greatest Story Never Told (my personal favourite, I think). I 100% agree with Doomsday and The Shepherd’s Boy and Boom Town! Torchwood has some great pieces too.
(Haven’t watched Classic Who so can’t comment on those!)


I have a real soft spot for the 2010 version but the 1989 is probably my absolute favourite. I also listened to Legend of the Cybermen and they did a really awesome transition between the 2nd Doctor theme and the 6th Doctor one, I enjoyed that a lot

I usually listen to the soundtracks in full, and hadn’t occurred to me to make a playlist of all the best ones. I’ll be adding all these to a playlist and listening to them next time I work on the site :smiley:

@sircarolyn please post your full playlist :pray:

Totally agree with all your picks, I remember listening to Clara? a whole lot of times on loop when that soundtrack came out, I really loved that one. Song For Ten is also a banger!!

I have two main DW soundtrack playlists:

  • One with the absolute top bangers Murray Gold ever produced (in my obviously correct opinion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Spotify
  • A longer one with all my favourites from various eras Spotify

I have a couple of others including one that’s got Everything Ever, and one that’s just every iteration of the theme tune because sometimes you just need to listen to the doo-wee-ooos in various arrangements for a while :rofl:

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Thanks! I’m an Apple Music guy so will adapt yours and make it there, maybe will share it too.


I have such strong feelings on Eight’s Big Finish theme… the spooky almost industrial sound feels so right for him, especially in some of the earlier stories. I think Twelve’s version is pretty perfect as well, it’s a great arrangement and it goes for a sort of hammy retro vibe with the synths that’s just fantastic IMO. my runners up are the closing theme for Seven’s era with the synth-harpsichord and the TV movie’s version for sure.


I have several, the 1963 theme is elegant and eerie, and the 1986 one is groovy. As for the NuWho front, I like the two RTD-era versions, majestic and adventurous (and the middle 8 in the 2005 closing theme is glorious). I also like the Akinola version of the theme, the “bassline solo” in the closing variation is so hypnotic, no wonder the Master had the drums in his head!

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I feel like a shoutout to Dominic Glynn’s soundtrack for the Happiness Patrol is in order.

(Also, Adric’s theme is pretty memorable…)


I usually listen to soundtracks when reading and find that Segun Akinola’s music and Classic Who soundtracks are perfect for that, I like Murray Gold’s scores but find them a bit distracting when concentrating on reading.
When running I sometimes put on Dominic Glynn’s remixes, particular the Happiness Patrol Remixes - perfect pacing for a short run :+1:


I’ve been listening to the newly released Revenge of the Cybermen and Time and the Rani soundtracks - now there’s contrast for you!

I also adore I am the Doctor and All the Strange, Strange Creatures is great too.


Wow, the Revenge of the Cybermen release totally flew under my radar. Can’t wait to listen to it :+1:


It features some of Carey Blyton’s unused music for the story.

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While I wait for my green vinyl to arrive