Snack time!

I love salty licorice, especially with salmiak, but it is so hard to get here in the UK.

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Djungelvrål is just the best salty licorice with salmiak if you can get your hands on it :+1:

A downside to living here in Denmark though is that you can’t find Vegemite or Marmite anywhere…

I’ve never tried fish fingers and custard. We don’t really have fish fingers here, and I’m not even sure what custard is. Maybe when I go to the UK…

Snaps can be nice but not to Doctor Who :joy:

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It’s important to really get into a Doctor Who mood by eating the favorite snack of your favorite Doctor, which is why I only snack on custard creams and dirt while I watch the show!

The Ghost Monument

It Takes You Away


To give a more real answer, my go-to snack is usually either BBQ Pringles or Sour Skittles, with a can of Coke.

Also I really have wanted to try custard creams since watching Jodie on Bake Off a couple weeks ago and I’ve gotta find out where I can get some here

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You shouldn’t have said that, now we have to banish you forever!

Snaps has its time and place, but I’m never going to say no to some Skåne Akvavit!

There’s salty liquorice with salmiak of all kinds here in Finland (Fazer is the GOAT chocolate and sweets manufacturer), but I’ve only ever eaten Djungelvrål in Sweden as we don’t have it for some reason.

How’s the dirt? Any recommendations on the best dirt types to snack on? It’s been like 25 years since I last had some dirt!


Oh now we need a Scandinavian watch along where we have snaps every time Allons-y is said onscreen :joy:


And as a Finn, I would naturally win it by being the last man standing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You haven’t been to a proper Danish Christmas lunch have you? :wink:

I have never been to a proper Danish anything (visiting Denmark is on my bucket list). But this sounds like something I should experience! Maybe this Christmas :wink:

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Right, we got some Doctor Who themed snacks:

  • Fish Fingers & Custard
  • Tea (it’s British innit?)
  • Custard Creams
  • Dirt

What other themed snacks have we got?

  • Bananas
  • Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice

What else?


jelly babies


And jammy dodgers, big favourites of Eleven’s!


Red wine for sure :+1:


Would Celery count when it is mainly used as a decorative vegetable?
(And for detecting certain gases in the Praxis range)


BBQ Pringles are the GOAT (that’s what the young people say, yes, right? Is this thing on?)


They used to have the Memphis BBQ ones that I thought were a lot better than the regular BBQ but they discontinued them a couple years ago :frowning:

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Memphis BBQ?? Not something that ever made it to the UK but now I want to try them.

Weirdest Pringles we ever got were Mint Choc ones. They were surprisingly good.

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Yeah I’m not even sure that they were available everywhere her in the US. In college I used to take a whole suitcase of them back to school with me every time I took a trip home to Tennessee because I never found them anywhere in Boston.

Don’t think we got the mint chocolate ones here. Was imagining like a proper little thin chocolate shaped like a Pringle which sounds pretty good but it looks like they were still normal chips with just a mint chocolate flavor? Can’t say that sounds very good to me but I’ll take your word for it