Season One: 11 May!

We have a date, and a new trailer!

11 May



Well I guess that makes it official, Doctor who has 3 season/series 1s

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I refuse to accept calling this ‘season 1’ though lol


From now on I’m going by the absolute count, this is 40



So excited :tardis:


I’m excited - but that trailer gives away NOTHING!


I suppose that’s a good thing.

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Also, this is the same day as Eurovision so it will be interesting to see what the timeslot is. I’m guessing earlier, maybe around 7pm (Eurovision is usually 8pm start).

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TV all day on May 11!!!

According to a Radio Times article, the first two episodes will release at midnight on the 11th on iPlayer and then will air on BBC One before the Eurovison Final.


And from what I’ve understood, it premieres on Disney+ internationally on May 10, making it the first time the UK gets the episodes after the world. It’s a bit strange that the BBC One TV broadcast comes last, after the D+ and iPlayer releases. It means you Brits are going to have to avoid spoilers from the rest of the world!


The UK gets it at the same time as everyone else on streaming, it’s just an inconvenient time slot :cry:


Well, it does have Kate Stewart in it.

And Ruby, I suppose, though I kinda assumed that.

(Though I was rather expecting Kate, too…)


Telling the bare minimum so as to avoid spoilers and limit wild speculation. It feels more like a montage of the Doctor looking excited or surprised.


To be fair, a lot of Doctor Who is the Doctor looking excited or surprised… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t want to be negative but this new broadcast schedule is a bit of a kick in the teeth to the UK.

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Can’t believe only the first 10 seconds of the thirty-second video was actually the trailer… I feel like I learned very little from it :laughing:

The schedule change doesn’t really affect me personally as an Australian (since I’m not going to wake up in the middle of the night to watch it, it’s still just “new episode is available in the morning”), but just on principle, I don’t like the idea that Disney+'s American audience (and their perceived need to watch as soon as the episode drops… like, it’s a streaming-on-demand service… why?! :woozy_face:) would be prioritised ahead of UK viewers. It’s a British show (and a British institution); I feel like the audience there should have first dibs. The change just feels icky.

I also read somewhere that two episodes are going to come out on 11 May, not just one, which I don’t really love tbh! It just feels like, since the season’s already so short now, it’s going to make “no more new Doctor Who until Christmastime” season come even sooner :cry:


Not really sure the time thing is an issue. Releasing something at midnight the day it releases just seems like the default time you’d add something to a streaming service, and releasing it at 7 pm the previous day EST in the US just tells me someone looked up what the time difference between GMT and EST is…

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I don’t want to complain, because I’m just happy to have new Who, but what it means for UK fans if they want to avoid spoilers they’ll have to stay off the internet for 19 hours if they want to watch Doctor Who at 7pm on a Saturday, like nature intended.

Asking them to watch it in the morning (it’s a spooky sci-fi show! Not for the morning!) isn’t really right.

But having said that, I will absolutely have an Internet Blackout until I see it, and am busy every weekend that it’s on anyway so will probably watch at random times anyway.

As for releasing two episodes - good for promotion and drumming up hype, bad because it means bigger gaps.

I just hope they have lots of spin-offs up their sleeves. I want way more Whoniverse!