RTD is writing on season 3

Even if it is not official RTD is very confident that there will be a third season with Ncuti and is planning on filming next year.


Hmm… I mean yayyyy more Doctor Who! But I think we all know how I feel about needing new blood so so desperately, so mixed feelings on this for me


I think that I read somewhere that there will be more writers in the next season. Hopefully, that will be true for s03 as well


Honestly Ncuti could stay for ten seasons and i still wouldn’t have enough of his Doctor. Hoping for more guest writers though!


Unsurprising, bt yeah, agreed, I think RTD should be doing 4 episodes a season max, can’t wait to see more new writers


i suspect/hope we’ll see more in future series… but also even then eight episodes doesn’t give nearly enough time for other writers to shine! still… i hope we get kate herron and briony redman back, i feel like they had a really good idea of how to write something like doctor who.

i agree that we need new blood but also in order to have new blood down the line, we need good writers who are available and willing to showrun doctor who (which sounds like a pretty awful/intense/exhausting job in lots of ways, it’s a real passion project), and they probably ought to have experience writing doctor who first, and so i’m not surprised if rtd does another couple seasons after this before handing it off. chibnall didn’t have all that many guest writers either, there’s not a massive pool to choose from (although i wouldn’t be mad about having maxine alderton as a showrunner…)


I hope that series 2+3 have more writers. While I think RTD is a decent writer, he needs to act more like a script editor. The episodes from this series all feel the same in terms of writing style. Get some new blood in. In the previous series of Revival, a lot of the best episodes were written by people who weren’t the head writers.


I don’t agree with this. I feel like we actually have gotten some very different types of writing this season even among RTDs episodes.

I still want to see more new blood both to get other perspectives and to better secure a future for the show.


Herron and Redman were a revelation to me. Not familiar with their work before. I’ve still not seen “Loki” and I had zero idea what to expect. There were two stories this season that I kind of mentally earmarked as probable fillers; “Dot and Bubble” and “Rogue”. I was delighted to be wrong on both counts. I adore “Dot and Bubble” for being smart, bleak and savage. “Rogue” however, was unabashed delight. I smiled from the beginning. I felt the emotional punch at the end. I have never seen Bridgerton but I got the conceit, adored the costumes and the whole setting.

I’d love to see Herron and Redman back again.


while i was watching i just kept thinking i hoped to see more from them!! i feel like they had such a good sense of pacing that kept me fully engaged, and probably would’ve kept me engaged no matter what the episode was actually about.


A rollicking goid yarn. A real breath of fresh air!