Recap of Season One before the finale?

Does anyone know of a good recap of Season One that could be shown to someone who is about to jump straight into The Legend of Ruby Sunday / Empire of Death?

I am going to the cinema to see the finale and my husband is coming but he hasn’t really watched anything of the season yet, and I don’t think I can convince him to sit it all first.

I was thinking of just telling him what’s been going on but then I remembered it’s quite a lot, so a video might be best:

There’s Susan Twist who first appears in Wild Blue Yonder, as does the TARDIS indigestion, the Toymaker and the pantheon, then Ruby and her mother, the goblins going back in time and causing the Doctor to travel there thus locking him out, the memory causing it to snow and also changing, Mrs Flood recognising the TARDIS, Susan Twist appearing throughout time and space, the Harbinger for the Maestro, UNIT using TRIAD, and maybe even other things I hadn’t spotted.

Aaaaand breathe. A lot to recap! Would be nice if someone has already done the work :smile:


What you really need to do is better train your husband to watch the episodes with you…or take someone to the cinema who will appreciate it.


Well yes that would be ideal but not something I can do right now!


I think that watching Church on Ruby road is enough. The rest is just small stuff.


Maybe do the Pyramids of Mars Tales of the TARDIS as well? I seem to remember shauny liking that one :wink:


I mean ANY excuse to watch “The Pyramids of Mars” is good enough. Ooooh, dripping with atmosphere. Fantastic performances etc. Who wouldn’t love spending a little more time with Lawrence Scarman? Pure class.


If you’ve got time for two episodes, I feel like church on Ruby road and devil’s chord might be a good idea, to both introduce the Ruby mystery and the gods, but I do feel like the beginning of the legend of Ruby sunday is actually pretty easy to jump in on, you’d certainly get all the important bits, other stuff is just enhancement


I can name you one person…



Fair point. Yes, I did see the earlier post. Ah well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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