Rani Takes on the World

I just finished up the second set of Rani takes on the world and really liked it, wondering other people’s thoughts.

Personally I think I prefered the second boxset to the first, but it’s pretty close.
I really hope they end up doing a Trickster story when they get to the third set.
Also while I’ve not minded it so for, I do think the will-they-won’t-they with Clyde and Rani is starting to get a little stale, and really hope they do end up getting together by the end of the next set.


I haven’t heard any of these but what I would want is for Clyde to track down Ellie from “The Curse of Clyde Langer” and get a happy ending to the single greatest heartbreak/love story in the entire Whoniverse :heart: I also only ever saw Rani and Clyde as a platonic sister/brother relationship so I guess I’m not invested in “Clani” :slightly_smiling_face:


I love every second of the Rani boxsets. I’m sure a little of this is my childhold nostalgia, but they have been so fun! And I love that Sam Watts did the music too, who did it in SJA. When that ‘life on earth can be an adventure too’ theme hit… :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

I do agree about Clani though, they’ve been will they won’t they since 2008 so it’s probably time to put them out of their misery on that one. That said, I hope they make many many more boxsets because I will eat that up. And I would love a Trickster episode, and also it would be fun to bring back other SJA monsters like Androvax too


I love these sets!!

They are also pretty much the only sets my husband will listen along intently to, as he’s not super into Doctor Who but loved Sarah Jane Adventures.

Rani and Clyde are both amazing, and whilst the Clani stuff has been going on too long imo, it kind of needed rehashing after a huge break. I hope things settle down with the next set.

Also I have fingers and toes crossed that these guys get back on our TV screens eventually, bring back the spinoffs!!


I enjoyed every story from both sets, but goodness me, Here Today was simply stunning. I was in tears listening to the end of that, and for my money, it captured the characters so beautifully and vividly. Also hoping for many more sets!


It really did

Had a lot of pressure on it being the first time the characters are back in 12/13 years (I’m not counting 8th of march or goodbye sarah jane), but it more than lived up to it


I have listened to the first box and liked it.

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