New Lost Stories from Big Finish

Announced today:

What do we think?


Interesting. The fact that they’re still finding more Lost Stories to adapt is both impressive and interesting that there are so many proposed stories that didn’t get made for whatever reason. I listened to The Queen of Time back in January and learned from the extras that Big Finish actually received 15 unproduced Brian Hayles scripts of which they only made three of them (Queen of Time, Lords of the Red Planet, and The Dark Planet).


There are lots of ‘lost stories’ we know about but how much of them actually ever existed is often a matter of fan myth, conjecture and outright desperate hope (Yellow Fever being the obvious one).

There have also been ones that the original authors have been reluctant to revisit - Wally K Daly took a lot of persuasion to do the The Ultimate Evil which is why it didn’t appear in the original Colin run.


And they put RTD’s boyhood fanfiction in the “Lost Stories” category even though it had little to no chance of ever being made into an official story in the 1980s (the audio is “Mind of the Hodiac” or anyone unfamiliar).


Sounds interesting, particularly Death World, the alternative 10th-anniversary special! I’m not familiar with Operation Werewolf, but it reminds me of The Curse of Fenric.

It’s cool that BF has been bringing back stagnant ranges lately (this one and the Novel Adaptations), as many of these “smaller” ranges are very interesting.


It’s canny business sense really because rather than having them whimper on, they officially ‘end’ them and then can make big announcements like this and the Goth Opera which create a buzz which ‘here’s another release in a long-running range’ wouldn’t do.


Deathworld sounds fascinating! I can’t imagine a story that high concept being made in the 70s, it’ll be great to see what Big Finish do with it. Operation: Werewolf sounds a bit routine in my opinion, but I love Jonathan Morris so I guess we’ll see.

I am yet to get into the lost stories range but these might incentivise me to start when they come out.


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Glad these seem to be actual Lost Stories this time round.

Not just a release designed to appeal to RTD’s ego (‘Mind of the Hodiac’)

And not just a pointless rehash of two great stories (‘Genesis of Terror’ and ‘The Ark’).

Looking forward to the Second Doctor one more than ‘Deathworld’, to be honest. I’ve never been a huge fan of multi-doctor stories.

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Thrilled about Deathworld, it always sounded completely bonkers from what I’ve heard about it (and unlike the other “first drafts” BF has put out, actually very different from the finished story). Absolutely gorgeous cover, too!


There was a good article on it in a DWM magazine once. I think it might have been the Time Lords bookazine.

More new stuff is great, plus getting a 3 Doctors story. My only negative is Noonan. He will make this a lower priority to listen to.

Pretty excited about those! While I am by no means somebody who has listened to all the lost stories, they are a range that I am glad keeps getting continued! If I remember even correctly, this one of the first in quite a while for either 3 and 2, which is exciting! Also, glad they are returning to proper lost stories.