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In the category of both musical artists that are more of an acquired taste then Tom Waits & musical artists that really should have been a character on Doctor Who…

I love the Owl House! :star_struck:
I mostly listen to My Chemical Romance and NOAHFINNCE, who I met at a signing, and he was really nice.
Outside of that, I love Heathers the Musical (even if the film’s better) and I often catch myself humming Dead Girl Walking.
The rest of my music taste is incredibly varied, from Oasis and Pulp to Ride The Cyclone and Six

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The Owl House was wonderful. Major shame it was cancelled.

Though it seems like Disney might’ve gotten the idea that cancelling it was a bad idea too, when they saw the viewing numbers on the last three episodes…


Let’s hope so. My eldest loved it.

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Finally got to see Sunn O))) live, The final date of their current tour. Loud is an understatement.

Saw the wonderful Paraorchestra this evening, an orchestra of disabled & non-disabled musicians, They were doing a new work in collaboration with Surgeons Girl. Highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance.

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