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What music are you listening to? What’s your favourite albums, bands, singers? Going to any gigs? Lets talk about it here!


I’m going to convince no one I’m straight by admitting my playlist is mainly musicals and Disney!

Outside of that, my tastes are hugely eclectic. My late teens/uni days were dominated by Jamiroquai but frankly, if a song moves me or chimes with me it gets added to the playlist - Eagle Eye Cherry, loads of 80s stuff, Pink, Savage Garden, later Take That, James Blunt (so sue me), Michael Buble, Elton John, Eurovision.

Weirdly, 75% of my mates -and my brother and his wife - are into metal and rock. I always say my mates ended up friends with the wrong brother!

I can guarantee you lot are going to name bands and musicians I’ve never heard of but the only thing I can’t stand is someone who looks down on someone else’s music of choice.

I’m a rabid fan of 70s rock and folk. Hence the username (named after the Yes song rather than the movie). Aside from that I listen to a whole lot of everything. According to Spotify, after classic rock my top genres are “permanent wave” and indie/DIY. I’m also very into musicals! Mostly 70s/60s stuff once again.

I’m a bit of a vinyl collector as well.
Anybody else?


I really listen to a bit of everything, mostly I like rap (both in English and Spanish), j-pop and Japanese music in general (Creepy Nuts, Takayan, Yaosobi and Ado) but in my playlist you can find very weird songs from many languages (Russian, German, Korean…).
My favourite artist is Zatu, singer of SFDK (a Spanish rap group I love).
Btw I use LastFm to have a weekly report of what I listen to on spotify, I’m a bit of a geek that way.

This is my Lastfm in case anyone else happens to use it!!!

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I am currently listening to the new Beth Gibbons single.

I pretty much listen to a bit of everything. That does include mashups, and this one comes to mind…

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Thanks, glad to be here!

Welcome SweetAIBelle!

Hi, delta (and/or the bannermen)!

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Best version

Recently remembered just how much I love symphonic metal - been really into Nightwish and Within Temptation and Delain again lately. But I have also really been getting into Mozart’s The Magic Flute and the other day I went to see the symphony play Shostakovitch’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk which is like one of my favourite operas ever.

Also, eternally waiting for the DW series 10 soundtrack to be released :sob:

Currently listening to this

May as well mention Doctor Who isn’t the only show I listen to sound tracks for. I quite like the work Brad Breeck did on The Owl House Season 2/3 soundracks…


As some may have discovered, I also enjoy music from musicals. I was actually very pleased when I got the soundtrack to the Broadway version of Little Shop of Horrors and found that there were several cut songs from the movie, such as this one.

I’ve definitely spent a fair amount of time listening to soundtracks from, say, The Wiz, Wicked, and the broadway version of Into the Woods on repeat…

(And yes, I’m a big supporter of the Doctor singing.)


I absolutely love musicals, it’s the kind of music I listen to the most. I believe @deltaandthebannermen is the same!


Guess I’m in good company!

Though the silly thing is it’s not that uncommon for me to end up knowing songs from musicals I’ve never seen. With Wicked, for example, I’ve listened to the whole soundtrack for, but never seen. (I did read the book, though, largely due to enjoying the music.)

Of course, Into the Woods, I watched the broadway version off of PBS, and not the later Disney movie. Bernadette Peters is great…

Nadine Shah’s new album out today.

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I listened to the whole soundtrack of Hamilton about 100 times before it came to London and I went to see it. I could sing along all the words! (although I didn’t. I saved the paying viewers some earache) so I know exactly what you mean.

I’ve listened to soundtracks of many musicals that I’ve never seen. But I am lucky enough to live just a couple hours away from London and go to see shows as often as I can.

Going to see The Book of Mormon for the third time next month on my birthday (we keep going to see it with different people, it’s hilarious) although I’d rather see something new, I got outvoted :sweat_smile:

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Think I actually heard Weird Al’s Hamilton polka before actually getting the context of the actual songs from Hamilton. :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably could get out and watch musicals, (and did watch EFX live at one point) but I just end up rarely actually getting out of the house, so if it isn’t where I can watch a recording on the internet…

Of course, I also end up sitting here listening to things like the songs from Centaurworld, which was a very interesting show.