Monster Quartets

I’ve just started listening to Torchwood: Sync and it reminded me that it was one of a quartet of Torchwood stories featuring Who monsters - the Fendahl, the Slitheen, the Giant Maggots and the Autons.

Bernice Summerfield did the same a while back with four stories featuring classic Who monsters - the Sea Devils, the Rutan, the Draconians and the Daleks. This was followed by other stories with the Eternals, the Monoids, the K1 Robot and the Cybermen.

There have been four box sets of Classic Doctors New Monsters with Racnoss, Carrionites, Judoon, Angels, Sycorax, Sontarans, Vashta Nerada, the Hoxx of Balhoon, the Silence, Tivolians, Kantrofarri, Harmony Shoal and the Clockwork Droids.

So my question is - if you were going to do a set of 4 stories, each with a returning monster, which 4 would you choose (with those mentioned above being off the table).

My choices would be:

Classic - Voord, Tharils, Terileptils and Mentors

Modern - Pyroviles, the Mire, the Pting, Skithra



Gus (Mummy on the Orient Express)

Swarm and Azure

The Beast


I know it’s not quite what was asked for because it’s reusing some, but I think another torchwood quartet could be really fun, Weeping Angels and Cybermen have been used for others, but not for torchwood quartets. Weepeing angels fit perfectly and they need redemption for Cyberwoman. For ther other two I’d also probably throw in Adipose and the Zygons (would say Judoon but they’ve also already been using and didn’t want 3/4 to have been).

Alternatively, give us a Doctor Who quartet facing Spin-Off foes: Adam (or a similar parasite), Fairies, the Androvax, and of course The Trickster.


I would have celebrated the 60th anniversary by releasing a couple of boxsets where Classic Doctors fight 60s monsters.

Set 1: Hartnell era - the Voord, the Zarbi, the Monoids and the Toymaker.

Set 2: the Troughton era - the Chameleons, the Macra (even though they don’t exist), the Yeti and the War Chief.


I like this idea. Adam was a favourite Torchwood episode of mine. They did something similar in The Early Adventures with The Fifth Traveller (although it wasn’t as good).