Moffat will write the 2024 Christmas Special?


I’d love a new episode by Moffat… but I think I’ll wait until he’s commented about it before getting excited.

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You are right. I added a “?” to the title to not set the excitment level to high


There have been rumours about Moffat returning to the show for an episode and it wouldn’t surprise me if true, but I will wait for an official announcement as I do hate this era of ‘sources’ and rumours and news being leaked/twisted (like the whole Ruby leaving/new companion nonsense).


That would be pretty sweet, if true

I’d take this with a grain of salt. RTD has talked about writing this year’s Christmas special in DWM (and the showrunner usually does), so this seems a bit odd. I guess Moffat and RTD could co-write it (imagine that!).


RTF, Moffat and Chibnall have been seen together a few times lately.
The three showrunners teaming up?

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To defeat Omega, no doubt.


Hmmm RTD has definitely talked about writing the 2024 Christmas Special already, it’s already filmed I think!? So definitely take this rumour with a handful of salt.


Of course, we’re still left with the question of what the special will be about.

Missy accidentally murders Santa Claus, and is coerced by the Doctor into delivering all the presents this year?

(Okay, probably not…)


I’d watch that! :laughing:

Whilst I think shoehorning in “Christmas” into a story every year can get a bit repetitive, I must say I’m so happy that Christmas Specials are back :confetti_ball:

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Oh, I’d definitely watch it!

Feels like something to slot someplace into season 10, with 12 and Bill and Nardole, though. Maybe not long before World Enough and Time.

It’s been long enough that a Christmas special would be nice, though every year would definitely be a bit much.

Only if Nick Frost returns as Santa, has an actor ever had a more appropriate name ?:christmas_tree:


Well, as long as he can fit it in, since he’s currently being filmed in “How to Train Your Dragon”.

(And it probably goes without saying that the accidental part was the victim being Santa Claus. Missy absolutely intended to murder someone. Maybe she was using her tissue compressor to make a Santa tree ornament for a Christmas tree…)


Hmmm, not sure how to feel about this one - if true, well… I really like Moffat’s era but don’t we think it’s time to let some other writers have a go…


Well, the announcement of episode titles and writers has proved this one wrong. Yes, Moffat is writing an episode. No, it’s not the Christmas Special.

He could also be writing the christmas special, we haven’t had that disconfirmed

Fair enough. I thought I’d heard that RTD was writing the Christmas special. But we’ll see.

I don’t he will write the Christmas episode now that he is the writer of one of the season-one stories.

Looks like he is writing the Christmas special this year after all.