K9 - How?!?! Why?!?!

It was late last night and I was giddy from gaining the ultimate badge so didn’t post my actual thoughts about the episodes.

There was enough plot in these two episodes for a whole series! Alien invasions, alien/human hybrids, timebombs, giant invisible monsters, returning monsters with a twist, different returning monsters with barely intelligible dialogue.

Hound of the Korven barely makes any sense but then it is referencing episodes I watched possibly 2 years ago! Weirdly the episode suggests all the adventures of this entire series have happened over a matter of weeks! That’s quite an intense period of time!! The talking Jixxen is just odd and K9 being turned into a bomb is just odd as the script doesn’t really bother to explain what is going on very well and then K9 just overrides it.

But if you thought Hound was crazy - then Eclipse of the Korven goes absolutely batshit insane! It was as if there were a bunch of other episodes in between missing - there is a white hole and a black hole just there inside the mansion and if they overlap the planet will be destroyed - and then they clearly overlap but nothing happens. But these are linked to another STM in the Millennium Dome which Thorne has been hiding. Next to this other STM is an invisible monster with apparently the DNA of the Jixxen and some other alien everybody seems to know, but I’d completely forgotten.

And Thorne is a human/alien hybrid with a weird hand! I mean what the actual ■■■■! Where has he been hiding that? And K9 is out of action for reasons and the Korven arrive and I could not understand a word they said!

Were they the mysterious person at the front of the bus?

And June’s suddenly been demoted? Really! And is now looking sexy with her hair down and teams up with Darius. I actually laughed out loud when she span round with the enormous laser gun. And she was definitely flirting with Darius at the end - he’s like 14!! And fancies her daughter! It’s just all so weird because I don’t think the script writers/production team ever actually decided how old Darius is supposed to be (like in the time travel episode where he plays his grandad and he’s clearly supposed to be an adult).

AND then Gryffen finally makes it out of the house so he can shout some code words at the STM which shuts it down and sucks the Korven back to their planet (I think).

The entire episode is utterly insane - the Department now has an enormous base in the Millennium Dome and loads of extras walking around. It’s like the entire budget had been saved for this episode (especially as Hound spends most of its runtime in those effing sewers).

I can’t quite believe I’ve finished this series. Somewhere in there is a really good series because there are some really good ideas but there is so much bad acting, such obvious budgetary limitations and some really, really odd decisions (not least the ridiculous decision to set it in London rather than Australia) which hamper the entire production.

But you know what, I was actually a bit sad at the end when K9 was ‘dead’ (even if I knew he’d be alive by the end of the episode)

I think I’ll miss the K9 gang and one day, yes one day, I may go back just for a quick shot of Affirmation…


Well, gotta admit things started getting better when Thorne showed up :joy::joy:
I am on Robot Gladiators
Only 6 left to go.

Meanwhile, enjoy this dog related interlude :wink:
I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog


Day 1,292
Finally at the last episode
Eclipse of the Korvan.

I’m going in… wish me luck. :face_with_peeking_eye::scream::laughing:


This was three days ago!!!

How in the name of Kroll have you managed to sit through 20 K9 episodes in three days! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Time travel?


Insomnia and I was on a mission.
Plus some time travel.


Last thoughts…
“You have meddled for the last time” :laughing: well, I would say Thorne is right since this is the last episode

And here’s a bit of advice… if you are going to use an alien super monster to take over the world, please dont name it after a culture long since dead.
It’s really bad luck
:::happy dance::::


Still, that is some determination :+1:
It’s not exactly what you would call quality programming :wink:


You are person of great steel and determination @PeriDox

I’m also surprised that K9 isn’t a cure for insomnia because that’s about the only thing I thought it had going for it…


For anyone getting withdrawal symptoms from no more K9 Mark 2, may I present to you…


Also… what’s this?! K9 DVDs!!!

Are you cool enough to own the ULTIMATE COLLECTORS EDITION?

Why they made a DVD called “The Bounty Hunter” that contains 6 episodes and one called “Alien Avatar” that contains 6 episodes, I will never know…


I want this and I want it now!