I've never heard of Doctor Who, how did I get in here?

Just kidding, of course, but you’re bound to find out about my sense of humor eventually.

To be honest, though, I don’t know anything about this site. I spend way too much time over on Outpost Gallifrey, and deltaandthebannermen (don’t know if they use the same username here) had a link to TardisGuide, and so here I am.

Been a fan of the show for, oh, I guess about 45 years. Have most of the new series on DVD/Blu-Ray, but only a scattering of classic Who. Had many of them on videocassette once upon a time, and recently discovered I can watch most of them on Tubi, so I’ve been revisiting stuff I haven’t seen in ages.

Books are my thing. I have more than 900 Who and Who-related books, both fiction and non, which means I’ve averaged more than 20 books/year for most of my life. It also means I’ve read very little else since I discovered Doctor Who books. Before that, it was mostly fantasy novels.

When I’m not consuming Who stuff in one format or another, I often watch other stuff I have on DVD/blu-ray, including most Star Trek series, Babylon 5, The West Wing, The Newsroom… Someday they’ll put Ted Lasso out, and I’ll pick those up.

When I do get off the couch, my biggest passion right now is tennis. Don’t tend to watch it, but love to play. Also disc golf for an outdoor activity. Indoors, it’s board games, though as I’ve gotten older and lazier, it’s become easier to sit in front of the tube than get people together to game.

Also been a baseball fan my whole life - got that from my Dad. Started out a Mets fan (you could see Shea Stadium from Nana’s house), but been a Phillies fan the last 20+ years, and have also developed Eagles fandom. I play fantasy baseball and fantasy football, though not with the same stat-obsession I once did.

As to the rest of my life, I work for a living in the tech sector. I live 100 miles from my job, and work from home most of the time. Which is how I spend so much time on internet forums. Shh!

Been married for a couple of years now to my third (and final) wife, though we’ve been together nearly 20 years. She also likes Who, though her biggest passion is Star Wars. My social security number is [redacted], my mother’s maiden name was [none of your business], and my first pet was called [she really didn’t have a name, honest].

So, that’s me in a nutshell. :crazy_face:


Welcome! My dad is a staunch Braves fan, and I guess if I had to pick, living in the Boston area means I’d probably gravitate to the Red Sox. But that’s as far as my baseball knowledge goes! Looking forward to seeing you around here!


Yep, he’s @deltaandthebannermen over here too!

Welcome to the forums!!


Sounds like you are a perfect match for our forum. First I would recommend that you head to the Book Club where we read one NA and one NSA a month :grinning:


Welcome to TARDIS Guide :blush:
We’re all really rather nice here :+1:

Always wondered about what Fantasy Baseball is - in my mind it is just a bunch of Hobbits, Wizards, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Elves, Goblins and what have you playing a game of Baseball :grin:
Now I almost don’t want to know what it really is :wink:


No no, that’s exactly what it is.

Memo to self: Do not shatter Bill Filer’s illusions


Much appreciated :joy::wink:


A big welcome to you (and good job with that clickbait title, I fell for it. I also adore your humour)!

It’s nice having you here and I hope you enjoy your time with us!


Welcome! Happy to hear that @deltaandthebannermen is promoting the site over at other places, hope he doesn’t get banned for spamming :sweat_smile:

I think, as @Tian said, the Book Club is meant for you!

Let me know if you have any specific questions!


Not at the moment, but I will say I quite like the badges. As I’ve just joined, they’ve been coming in fast and furious. That pace will not maintain, of course, but it’s a great way to make a new user feel welcome. (not that the people here aren’t already doing that, but the badges are a great touch too)


absolutely same, I love getting badges

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Great intro and welcome to TardisGuide. I myself upgraded to wife 2.0 almost 16 years ago. Major upgrade and don’t ever plan to upgrade again.



Most badges are earned by rating stories on the main site, there is a big list of most of the badges here (there are also some secret badges to unlock! :eyes:)


Welcome @kevinwho - it’s good to have you here. I don’t know if we ever interacted over at GB but good to know my links have at least got someone to make the leap over.

And bearing in mind people who commit far worse crimes over at GB are still there, I don’t think I’m in any danger of being banned @shauny.


Oh and these wife upgrades… where do we get them…

Quick she’s looking over my shoulder - delete delete.


(Nah, love her to bits and she’s always been both tolerant and supportive of my geekery and has a pretty impressive knowledge herself now).


Okay, this has been bugging me for days…trying to make sense of the various response icons.

Seems the heart :heart: is used most, but maybe because it’s the default selection. Or maybe there’s just so much love here. I tend to default to the like :+1: icon, hope people don’t take that as mild apathy!

But I don’t really have a good guess what the 100 icon is meant for. The FAQ doesn’t have a guide for these little guys, so who wants to clear up my confusion?


The :100: is 100% - so I use it when I totally agree with someone. I could of course be utterly wrong.


For me:

  • :heart: is a generic response, I’ve seen this, I like it
  • :+1: is agreement or understanding, I see your point and it makes sense
  • :laughing: is for something funny/intriguing
  • :open_mouth: is for somethign surprising
  • :clap: is celebratory
  • :confetti_ball: is also celebratory, but even moreso (I default to this)
  • :hugs: is a comforting or welcoming
  • :sob: is either sad, or a different kind of funny (less ‘ha ha’, more ‘nooooo lmao’, if that makes any sense)
  • :rage: I only use to be silly in elimination games (“How could you take 2 away from Love and Monsters :rage:”)
  • :exploding_head: is also surprise more more of a ‘wtf’
  • :100: is also agreement, but strong agreement
  • :star_struck: is a ‘wow that’s impressive’, usually for art or collections or cosplay or that
  • :eyes: is intrigue
  • :tardis: is just funny, no real reason to respond with it imo but nice to have the option

People absolutely won’t take a :+1: as apathy though, dw!


That’s awesome @JayPea – i hope you didn’t type all that out just for lil ol me!