Howdy folks!

Hi, I’m Oli (they/them). I tend to be a chronic lurker online, but I thought I’d introduce myself here.

I got into Torchwood in 2009 when Children of Earth aired, and developed an intense obsession with the show. From there I found my way to Doctor Who, which I also fell head over heels for. I started from Series 1 (2005), and the first episode I watched live was The Eleventh Hour.

In the mid-late 2010s I mostly tapped out of Doctor Who, but in 2021 I got back into it bigtime; and the interest simply has not waned for three years! I watched Capaldi’s era for the first time, which was a real eye-opener. I’ve been having an excellent and rewarding time interacting with the show as an adult with more developed media literacy skills than I had when I first watched as a child/teen. And I think that’s part of the beauty of Doctor Who—you can return to it time and time again and have new experiences with it as you change as a person.

I don’t really have favorite Doctors (I enjoy them all in different ways), but my favorite companions are Clara (I could talk about her forever and ever), Rose, and Martha.

Good to meet you all, I hope to interact a bit more on here in the future!🩵


Welcome! We have a lot in common - I also love Torchwood and the first episode I watched live is The Eleventh Hour and my favourite companion is Clara. I’ve never met anyone who got into Doctor Who through Torchwood, though. Sounds like quite an experience.


Hi there. Welcome to the site and forum.

We have TV Club Audio Club Book Club and Comic Club. They’re good places to jump into and give your spicy opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is anything you want to know about in the site or forum, feel free to ask, and we will point you in the right direction.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome! Please feel free to hop on any thread at all and share your thoughts! You’re right 100%, DW is the show that keeps giving and that’s why we love it so much


Hello, fellow Torchwood and Clara lover! TW will always have a huge place in my heart. And same, I’ve literally never found anyone else who got into Doctor Who through TW. Hilariously when I was neck deep in my initial TW obsession, I didn’t care one whit about watching Doctor Who! I didn’t even know what it was about. (Love your icon, btw!)


Hey welcome to the forum, always nice to hear the different ways people jump into the show, children of earth is definitely one way to start


Oh it was certainly one way to get on this wild ride, for sure. I was so blown away by it I had to know more. And here I am 15 years later!


I’m with uss-genderprise here…never heard of someone getting into Who through TW. That’s a neat twist. As a Who fan, I’m quite fond of neat twists! :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the forum!



I’ve read a lot of these introductions now and thought that getting into the show through Torchwood was familiar - it was @Intodrkness who also first got into the show through Torchwood! But series 4!

Read their intro here

Good to have you here, hope you enjoy the site and forums :grin:


Welcome to the forum @coelacanth - glad you have joined us in our little corner of the Whoniverse.