How do we add quotes?

I was just poking about the menus on the site and found the quotes section. It’s all fun, but some of my favourite quotes are not there :frowning_face:

What’s the process for adding new ones?

At the moment I believe the only way is to go to the Discord server and use the “quote-suggestions” channel.

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So far, I’ve just been using the technical process of bugging shauny…


You can use the ‘suggest an edit’ box on the page for the story you would like a quote added to.

Yep, as everyone has said, currently there is no way to directly add them, but you can contact me by any means and I’ll get them added. The Discord is a good way because it’s easy for me to keep track. I could add a thread here if people want that.

I am thinking of adding user-submitted quotes, but sometimes that can be even more work as I have to check them, make sure spelling is correct, make sure it’s not already on the site, etc. etc…


User-submission of quotes is now available in beta here:

Please test it out, add a few, and I’ll publish them (there is a moderation step) - thanks!

I’m also hooking this up to the badge system to grant badges automatically as a reward for adding quotes… watch this space :smiley: (you’ll get rewarded later even if you add the quotes before the badges are enabled)


Thanks for all the quotes! Just checked and they are all good - all published now.

I’ll soon making it so you can easily see which quotes you published, so you can then go and favourite them. I also had a feature request from @flora_snow00 to have an option to auto favourite them, which is a good idea that I will look into!

This will help grow the content of the site a lot quicker :smile:

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A thought I had, and I have no idea how easy it would be to implement, is to see how popular a quote is. Something like having a number of how favorites it’s gotten or what percentage of users have favorited it. Something like that. And if that’s not easy to do, then don’t worry about it.

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Hey, I do already save the number of favourites each quote has, and you can sort quotes by number of favourites, I just haven’t shown the number anywhere yet. I’ll have a think about where best to show it. Thanks!

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I may have had a bit of insomnia and just sat there submitting quotes until I could get to sleep, so that’s where some of them came from.

My biggest problem tends to be knowing when to start and end the quote.

That and on a more technical side, the dropdowns are hard to read in dark mode on the add quote page, because the dropdowns are still white, but the color of the text is a light color, probably chosen by dark mode. Only thing I could usually read was the hilighted one…

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Ah sorry I didn’t check it in dark mode yet. I’ll fix that.

As for where to start and end, try to get a short quote if possible - too long and it will be a wall of text when I show them on people’s profiles. If there’s lots of good back and forth then maybe it could be split into 2 quotes?

Thanks for the feedback!

A lot of times, I end up feeling like things need a bit more context, though. (A lot of times, I’m trying to find quotes for episodes that don’t have any or only have one, too, and sometimes there’s a reason for that…) Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

No problem!

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Quick question @SweetAIBelle

This quote, they are talking about Dodo, but she is not speaking. You’ve included Dodo in the list of characters. Do you think that’s how it should work?

DOCTOR: Oh, my dear Dodo, my dear Dodo. You know you’re fast becoming a prey to every cliche-ridden convention in the American West. And it’s high time we left. Now, come along.
STEVEN: Thank goodness for that.

The Doctor’s actually addressing Dodo, I’ve just cut it after any of her lines.

DOCTOR: It’s a terrible, terrible injustice. You know I’m very tempted to
DODO: Listen!
BALLAD: So fill up your glasses
And join in the song,
The law’s right behind you
And it won’t take long.
DOCTOR: Oh, my dear Dodo, my dear Dodo. You know you’re fast becoming a prey to every clich-ridden convention in the American West. And it’s high time we left. Now, come along.
STEVEN: Thank goodness for that.
DOCTOR: Come along now.
DODO: Oh, but Doctor.
DOCTOR: I don’t want to discuss it any further. In you go. Come along!

Of course, even if she was just the subject of the conversation, I’d assume anyone searching for her in quotes would want to find ones about her…

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Oh, also, if you decide that they have to be present, I think I might’ve tagged Adric in one I submitted for Time-Flight. Can’t be absolutely sure unless there’s a way to see ones I’ve submitted, though…

Let me know one way or the other, in any case.

Yes you did. I removed it. But then it gave me pause when I saw you did it again. I’ll stick to your way of working, it’s a good idea! Thanks! (I’ll add it back in when I can find it)

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No problem! Might want to put something by the dropdowns specifying when you add someone, too.

I’ll admit there were spots where I was wondering things like whether choosing the Doctor was what Doctor was in the story, though I went for just choosing the Doctor’s in the scene.

I think I have yet to actually add a tag to a quote, too…

You know, it just occurred to me that there isn’t any way to add an image when adding a quote, even though some quotes have images…

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Anyone know how we add a character who is not in the search list?

I am trying to add a discussion between 10 and ‘Mr Finch’ from School Reunion, but he’s not there by any of his names :frowning_face:

No, I didn’t really want to deal with image uploads in case people upload them all wrong - huge files or inconsistent sizes.

I could maybe add it for some specific people haha. I source all my images from

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