Hoot Hoot! An Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is PalindromeRose - but you can call me Palin.

I’ve been writing Doctor Who reviews for two years now. My inspirations being the wonderful Doc Oho (in terms of the format) and Yahtzee Crosshaw (because I’m a natural pessimist, and I like to turn that negativity into humour).

Unfortunately, my reviews recently came to a stand still when the owner of the previous site I used decided to make a homophobic rant on Twitter.

I couldn’t, in good faith, continue supporting TimeScales after seeing what the owner came out with. Hence why I’ve abandoned my account there and jumped onto the good ship TARDIS Guide!

I saw loads of people on Twitter reccomending this site, telling me it was LGBTQ+ friendly and didn’t accept any discrimination. That’s a big win for you lot already!

This is my first time using a forum of any kind though, and I’m struggling to come up with ways to introduce myself…


OK, couple of interesting facts:

  • I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was a little kid.
  • I’ve been collecting BigFinish audios since 2016 - my room now looks like a branch of HMV!
  • I’m currently working my way through the Virgin Missing Adventures books. Good grief, ‘Venusian Lullaby’ is bizzare!

I’m not tech savvy in the slightest, so apologies if this came across as a bit rambling and incoherent.


  • Palin!

Not at all! Welcome to the site.


Thank you!

Still getting used to the layout of TARDIS Guide, but it all looks so clean and professional. I’m shocked I never knew about this place till yesterday.


Welcome to the forum @CrashedOnDido - good to have you with us. I’m a big fan of Doc Oho’s reviews too.

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Welcome to the forums!

I think Yahzee’s reviews have gotten even better since he started Second Wind with the others.

Things have been pretty chill here so far. This is also a good place to go through and keep track of what Doctor Who things you have and have watched/listened to/etc, btw. I’ve been finding it useful to remind me what I have yet to watch and such.

And don’t worry, if rambling or being incoherent was a problem, I’d have had trouble long ago…



I’m so happy Fully Ramblomatic was able to get off the ground in the first place. Such a talented reviewer, I would have been shocked if he gave up after the Escapist fell apart.

To be honest, I feel like Yahtzee’s situation currently mirrors my own.

Escapist / TS falls apart.

Reviewer finds a new home elsewhere (Second Wind / TARDIS Guide)

Also, I need to know where that Owl GIF is from. That is great!


Definitely! It’s also got me actually watching the other segments, which I hadn’t been before they moved. I feel like overall they aren’t having to follow guidelines the Escapist had on them, and it’s improving what they put out.

The Owl GIF is actually from “The Owl House”. That’s Hooty, and, frankly, if I see “Hoot! Hoot!”, I immediately hear it in his voice. It’s a great show, and has probably some of the best LGBTQIA+ representation I’ve seen, too…


I’ve not heard of ‘The Owl House’ - I’ll have to check it out.

I just became obssessed with owls when a friend of mine on Twitter introduced me to the works of Vivienne Medrano. I saw a couple of episodes of ‘Helluva Boss’, and Stolas the demon owl instantly became such a mood :joy:

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My eldest ADORES The Owl House and I keep meaning to watch it myself. Amphibia is a good companion piece to it.

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It’s on Disney+. Disney decided to cancel it after two seasons, but the crew behind it managed to convince them to do a third season consisting of 3 double-length episodes to finish things off.

Disney’s youtube channel also has the first episode. I rather feel like it takes a few episodes to get going, but I liked the message and setup on the first one.

Hooty’s one of these love/hate characters. He can be annoying, but also a lot of fun…

Main idea of the show is a human transported to a world of demons and witchcraft, but that’s simplifying a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Helluva Boss is something that’s been vaguely on my mental to watch list…

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Welcome! I’ve verified you, so you can go ahead and post reviews now.

It’s a very new feature, just launched the other day. Good timing really!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Yeah, there were references back and forth, and one thing they do both share in common is being run by people who worked on Gravity Falls. (And Alex Hirsh does a lot of voice acting on the Owl House. The creator of the Owl House, Dana Terrace, and Alex used to be in a relationship, actually, though I think they’ve split up in the last few years?)

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Cheers Shauny!

I write reviews in bulk so I had 28 that I’d planned uploading to the old site, so they should keep me going for my first month here.


A big and warm welcome to you! You’ve found what could be called the nicest and friendliest corner of the DW fandom currently, so we hope you’ll settle in nicely, whether by tracking what you’ve already experienced and have yet to watch,/listen to/read, write reviews, and/or join our many discussions, clubs, and games here on the forum!

It’s lovely to have you here!


Hi there. Welcome to the site.

We have TV Club Audio Club Book Club and Comic Club. They’re good places to jump into and give your spicy opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is anything you want to know about for the site or forum feel free to ask and we all will point you in the right direction.

I Hope you enjoy your stay.


Thanks CJ.

I think I’m finding my way round the site alright.

Managed to publish my first review here already - ‘The Wheel of Ice’.

Probably gonna join the book club, as that’s what I’m powering through at the moment.


Not rambling at all, welcome to the site, and yeee, super queer friendly over here!!



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Welcome to Tardis Guide. We don’t mind rambling on.


I would’ve never guessed Yahzee was one of you inspirations considering how often you give perfect scores

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