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hello i’m hayley! i got into doctor who in 2022 right after the departure of jodie whittaker (didn’t realise it at the time)

i’m slowly making my way through everything. currently am still yet to see a mccoy and capaldi episode and i like jumping over to big finish when i’m hyperfixating on characters. my current favourite doctors are tom baker and william hartnell from classic who/overall and jodie from nuwho! my favourite companions usually switch up with whatever doctor i’m on but romana and steven taylor always end up being top 2.

in the big finish world i’m working my way through the 4da’s, companion chronicles and gallifrey atm, wanting to start the 8da’s soon. i love narvin, anything for that guy <33


Welcome to the site.


Hi and welcome to Tardisguide. Nice selection you listening to.


Welcome to the forum @fourmana - good to have you here.

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A big and warm welcome to you!

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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome!! Good to see more Narvin lovers, I certainly am one too! Feel free to dump any thoughts you have about the series at any point into the Gallifrey thread, I’d love to hear your thoughts

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