Hi, I'm deltaandthebannermen

Hi all, deltaandthebannermen here - or Andrew.

48, married with two kids (15 and 12). Primary school teacher for more years than I care to remember (yes, children I’ve taught are now coming back to the school with their own children and a colleague is engaged to an ex-pupil of mine too).

I’ve been a fan since I was 13 when my friend at school got me into this mad world because he read DWM. I’d watched the show since I was little and had vague memories of Davison and Colin but it was Season 26 which saw me become a proper fan - I videoed every episode and watched and rewatched those stories.

I survived the Wilderness Years and that was probably when I enjoyed being a fan the most (probably because that’s when I had the disposable income to spend on the show). I love every aspect and era of the show in some shape or form. I’ve read loads of the books; listened to loads of the audios; read loads of the comics and watched every TV episode - usually more than once.

I’m also big into most genre TV and film both classic and modern and am a big fan of Disney and musicals.

My wife shares most of my likes and the kids, between them, enjoy most of the same things too.

I met Shaun on Mastodon and have been helping him out a little with TARDIS Guide and looking forward to us all building a positive, safe place for Doctor Who fans of all types in this little corner of the internet.