Hi, I'm deltaandthebannermen

Hi all, deltaandthebannermen here - or Andrew.

48, married with two kids (15 and 12). Primary school teacher for more years than I care to remember (yes, children I’ve taught are now coming back to the school with their own children and a colleague is engaged to an ex-pupil of mine too).

I’ve been a fan since I was 13 when my friend at school got me into this mad world because he read DWM. I’d watched the show since I was little and had vague memories of Davison and Colin but it was Season 26 which saw me become a proper fan - I videoed every episode and watched and rewatched those stories.

I survived the Wilderness Years and that was probably when I enjoyed being a fan the most (probably because that’s when I had the disposable income to spend on the show). I love every aspect and era of the show in some shape or form. I’ve read loads of the books; listened to loads of the audios; read loads of the comics and watched every TV episode - usually more than once.

I’m also big into most genre TV and film both classic and modern and am a big fan of Disney and musicals.

My wife shares most of my likes and the kids, between them, enjoy most of the same things too.

I met Shaun on Mastodon and have been helping him out a little with TARDIS Guide and looking forward to us all building a positive, safe place for Doctor Who fans of all types in this little corner of the internet.


I thought your id is one of those crazy long Time Lord name before I read it :joy:


Welcome! It is so fun to have you here at the forum. Please join our clubs and share your opinion.


A mighty welcome to you! It’s nice to have you here! Hope you enjoy your time with us and join our wide range of conversations. Perhaps you could tell us exactly why you’ve named yourself after Delta and the Bannermen? Are you trying to tell us that it’s the greatest Doctor Who story ever?


I feel like I’m being trolled… :heart_eyes:


Not at all, we simply hadn’t wished you welcome to the forum yet!


He was here before all of you :rofl: this is funny

Why not go and welcome me too! I’m feeling very unwelcomed :triumph:



Great to have you here, come check out our clubs if you want, and we’ve also got a leaderboard on the forums here if you want to engage with that

It’s a long way up, but I’m sure if you’re active enough you could even make it to the top 10


Well I suppose I should also give a warm welcome to the closest thing I have to a Doctor Who Fandom Twin :grin::grin::grin: