Help us name the Trust Levels

The forum has Trust Levels - you start as “Basic” and then the more you use the forum and are found to be trustworthy, the more you go up the ranks and earn extra abilities.

But the naming for them at the moment is pretty dull and in some cases a little confusing:

  1. Basic
  2. Member
  3. Regular
  4. Leader

I think “Basic” is okay, “Member” is weird because everyone is a member, “Regular” is supposed to mean someone who keeps coming back (like a regular at a bar) but to me it sounds similar to “Basic”.

Ideally I’d change them to Doctor Who themed names, but we do need a clear progression path.

Then I’ll make cool icons for the badges.

What do you think? Naming things is hard! Please let me know your ideas :hugs:

If this were a Star Wars forum, it could go: Youngling, Padawan, Knight, Master. I suppose you could base it on Gallifreyan rankings. Or go the military route with UNIT.

How about

  1. Shobogan
  2. Time Lord
  3. High Council
  4. Supreme Council

It just sounds pretty stuffy to me, would like it to be more fun ideally.


Agreed. I’m just kinda throwing out ideas. If you went with the UNIT theme, it could go: Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, Brigadier.

Or it could be civilian, ally, companion, Doctor?


If you want to add 11 more trust levels (and you’re open to regularly adding another every few years), we can have one for each Doctor

Weeping Angel

Yellow Kang
Blue Kang
Red Kang
Purple Kang


There really aren’t that many things in doctor who that there’s exactly four of


Dalek Sec
Dalek Thay
Dalek Jast
Dalek Caan

the tardiswiki page for the number 4 is no help at all


You may have the Kangs out of order. Red Kangs are best.

(OTOH, maybe Pex gets the top level…)


I mean, there’s a reason Red’s the best of the main 3. I figured purple made the most sense as the top rank as it’s the unified group from the end of the story (I put more thought into this than it deserved, and, annoyingly, it’s my favorite of my suggestions (admittedly, most of them were jokes))


That is a point. With the last level being “leader”, I’m assuming it’s rather than everyone, it’ll be the one with the fewest people in it, though. So maybe the Caretakers, or the Great Architect. (Though, strictly speaking, I imagine shauny gets to be the Great Architect…)

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I like this approach more than the specific story-based ones.

As Doctor Who is at heart a TV show I’m tempted by something like:

Extra, Cast Member, Companion, Time Lord


I like the Gallifrey themed ones :+1:


  • “Shobogan”

  • “Time Tot”

  • “Agent of the C.I.A”

  • “Castellan”

  • “Gold Usher” for moderators

  • “High Chancellor” for TARDIS Team members

And then reserve for yourself:

  • “President of the Supreme Council of Gallifrey and All Her Dominions, Holder of the Wisdom of Rassilon, Preserver of the Matrix, Guardian of the Legacy of Omega” :wink:
    (this isn’t a flat team structure :grin:)

This team structure isn’t flat. It’s mountainous, with me at the summit in the stratosphere, alone, left to choose.


Honestly, I think this is the best idea of the lot. Doesn’t overcomplicate things and has a weird sort of prestige as you grow in rank and like someone else said, you could always give yourself the Lord President role :sweat_smile:


Hmm. As a not-themed suggestion, perhaps it could go:

  • Beginner.
  • Familiar.
  • Regular.
  • Cornerstone.
    However that does keep the Regular part that’s aforementioned. But as a themed suggestion, how is:
  • Initiate.
  • Student.
  • Graduate.
  • Time Lord.
    Sryled after the Gallifreyan Academy. I don’t know if these are anything like the actual “canonical” terms. Regardless, wish it helps.
    /g /pos
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With me clinging to you heels, desperate for your magnamity.

I quite like the Gallifrey-themed idea.


As someone who knows close to nothing about Gallifrey and the academy, I feel names related to that might be even more confusing to newcomers. I really like civilian, ally, companion, and Doctor/Time Lord, though. It’s simple, themed, easy to understand… All great!


I’ll wait and see if we can get a few more suggestions and then do a poll! Thanks for the suggestions so far :smiley:

Couple others to look at.

  • Basic - Shobogan / Gallifreyan / Pupil / Student

  • Member - Graduate

  • Regular - Time Lord

  • Leader - President

  • Mods - Chancellery Guards / Inquisitor

Poll time!

(Note that the vast majority of people will be the second level. Only moderators are the fourth level).

  • Shobogan, Time Lord, High Council, Supreme Council
  • Civilian, Ally, Companion, Time Lord
  • Extra, Cast Member, Companion, Time Lord
  • Initiate, Student, Graduate, Time Lord
  • Something else (respond below)
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  1. Dalek
  2. Special Weapons Dalek
  3. Supreme Dalek
  4. Dalek Emperor
  1. Civilian (or something else)
  2. Sergeant
  3. Captain
  4. Brigadier