Hello Lauro here

I know, I’m here for a while, but I think it’s time to finally do my introduction.

Hello, I’m Lauro, a 18-year old Brazilian fan of Doctor Who and well, it will make 5 years to me since I discovered this wonderful franchise, too wonderful that make me watch every television story of DW (except K9)

Aside of DW, one of ever-loving franchises is Tokusatsu, mainly Kamen Rider, I know KR almost my entire life but Doctor Who made it to make love him at same level in so little time that was worth it to consider in a equal level.

Aside this, you know the basics, loves read comics, watch series, animes, etc. But I’m always open for suggestions of new things to discover.



If you feel like changing that, have I got a thread for you lol


A proper welcome to the forum and site @LauroMatheus .

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Welcome to the site.


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Hey, welcome to the forums!!

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