Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month everyone :rainbow_flag::transgender_flag::rainbow:

Doctor Who has a long history of being LGBTQA+ friendly, personally I think it’s the escapism and the awe and wonder of experiencing totally new and alien worlds that makes you realise how diverse and incredible the universe is, that there’s no room for prejudice!

What are your favourite episodes, characters, or themes that make you think of Pride?

I made a trope here to collect together stories that give LGBTQA+ vibes. Please let me know if I’ve missed any! (and yes I need to update the banner, it has the old logo still!)


Happy Pride!! :rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag: :k9:

Swipe Right is still very fresh in my mind, and as I already said, I loved the way they didn’t hold back from explicitly discussing aromanticism/asexuality in a positive way because that’s quite rare.

Otherwise, I love that DW has meant a lot to LGBT fans forever, even before it was so explicitly clear about representation. I know we’ve had a full thread discussing Ace, and I love her so much, but I also love those who came after her, especially Bill and River.

On audio, I’ve been enjoying Helen Sinclair’s little self-acceptance arc, and of course Eight himself is a genderfluid icon. And it may not be explicit, but Leela and Veega are forever to me <3


Love to see all of Torchwood in that trope! I watched The Parting of the Ways with a friend yesterday. It’s their first time watching Doctor Who, and I think the way they screamed when Jack kissed the Doctor is a perfect representation of my feelings on queerness in Who. An explicitly bisexual character, in 2005? Unheard of! To then see that character surround himself with other queer people in Torchwood is something that is so important to me in a way I can’t quite describe. I don’t think I realised how meaningful Jack was as a kid, but now I can properly appreciate all that character has done.


Happy Pride Month! I’d change my avatars background to be a rainbow… but I kinda did that last year for pride month and kept it that way.

As far as favorite gay actors on Doctor Who goes…



I am sad that John Barrowman won’t be involved going forward (his own fault) because yes he was a huge part of my original fandom, the fact that this show was “allowed” to be so openly queer was a huge factor in my enjoyment at the beginning when it was all new. And Torchwood is so good!


I bet y’all will never guess who my favorite queer characters are…

But for real, it’s been such a long time since any piece of media has left the kind of impact on me that their arc has. It’s hard for me to really explain why, but there’s just so much of 13’s era and character that resonates with me, and so much of that manifests in this beautiful queer tragedy where nothing is stopping them except for her trauma and fear. This scene still breaks me every single time I watch it.


Happy Pride Month!!!

Glad to see Torchwood getting the respect it absolutely deserves in this conversation!


i don’t suppose i could convince you to add The Stones of Blood, The Creature from the Pit, and The Happiness Patrol, could i?


this is long and i’m not tagging Every Spoiler

in addition to TSoB having Old Lesbians in it, it deals, however indelicately, with the idea of self-transformation, both in hiding yourself for your own protection and allowing yourself to become who you are, which is seen in both the “heroes” and “villains” in this story (i maintain that the Ogri are not villains, it’s not their fault they need blood to survive). Romana (having wished to be called Fred in her first story) tries her hand at a slightly more masculine golfer’s outfit (excepting the heels, which are quickly removed), and when she realizes her presentation is, let’s say, not suited for her environment, she changes into something more traditionally feminine (she’ll get her chance for more masculine presentation next season, don’t worry). Similarly, Cessair of Diplos knows her appearance and presentation at present will not be accepted by many around her, so she transforms into something more palatable until those around her know her “secret.” Given the fact that this was 1978, of course the side we’re to sympathize with is the one who assimilates to gender norms, but given the revelation that the main characters were used as pawns in an evil scheme to oppress the universe and drive it to chaos, this is slightly easier to overlook. If that’s not grounds enough, then we can still use “these two old women who are unrelated to each other share a small cottage and hate the cops” as justification enough.

TCftP (by the same guy who wrote TSoB) seems to be almost an apology for TSoB, where the thousands-of-years-old “monster” that kills people for their nutrients is painted in a far more positive light. It deals with a monster that’s only considered dangerous because the government says it is, but who really just wants peace, freedom, and resources to build a better world for everyone. Said monster is consistently gendered and degendered depending on the sympathies of the people around him, and any attempts made to communicate or reach out are met with violence and/or fear until the Doctor sucks him off attempts a more friendly and compassionate dialogue, let’s say, which symbolizes a… union, a coming together of sorts… you get the idea. The concept of a monster that can only speak to you with your own voice should get a mention too, since it symbolizes the perception of others being a reflection of the self, or something deep-sounding like that.

i don’t think i need to explain myself for THP, it’s pretty explicitly about homophobia, especially being in the first season aired after the passage of Section 28.

Now, admittedly, that is all conjecture and shaky literary analysis, but your specific words were “stories that give LGBTQA+ vibes” and i think i’ve covered that :3


If we’re talking just vibes (and you are SO right with all the above) I have to throw Gallifrey: Spirit into the ring. I don’t need to say anything more on the matter


Just to comment a little more on Beatrix Lehmann, who played Professor Rumford, I found it rather interesting to find out that at the time she passed away, she’d been in a 15 year long relationship with Shelagh Fraser, who people here might recognise as playing Luke’s Aunt in Star Wars…


Sure, I’ll add those, and any more people want to suggest! :rainbow_flag:


The Curse of Peladon?

DOCTOR: Well, who else could be responsible? Arcturus is only a box of tricks, and I hardly think Centauri would hurt a fly, would you?
JO: No, I think he’s rather sweet. Or is he a she?
DOCTOR: Neither. She is an it. It’s a hermaphrodite hexapod.


I relistened to Wild Animals the other day for the first time since I began my transition and found the scene between Liv and Tania so touching. It’s one of those moments where it’s lovely to feel represented. Seeing a trans woman in a lesbian relationship is iconic and wonderful! x


Lots of favourites of mine have already been mentioned, but I’d like to draw attention to the eleventh series of the Diary of River Song: Friend of the Family. Proper discussion of all the characters would be spoilery, but I love that it took the chance to look at queerness from so many angles and perspectives, and really made being queer key to the entire (wonderful) plot in so many ways.

Happy Pride month all :transgender_flag: :rainbow_flag: :sparkling_heart:


Happy Pride Month everybody!

I totally agree with everyone about Jack (despite Barrowman). He will always be a go-to when discussing this. Growing up he was really one of the first queer characters I saw in anything really, and he’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

But Bill. Dear, sweet Bill. One of my favorite companions and so, unashamedly herself. The Pilot is such a lovely episode and it will always make me root for her and Heather together.


Happy Pride Month to one and all. As a cis straight white guy I’m least qualified to answer the question but both my kids identify as LGBQT+ so I’m slowly learning stuff.


That’s me as well. But while I can’t answer questions, I can find stuff on the internet



Chrono Trigger!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Happy Pride Month everyone :heart: