Guessing game - Google hits edition

Ok here’s a fun game I just thought of while looking at my stats.

You each have one turn at guessing, you can attempt to guess the answers to both these questions. The first person to guess correctly for each question gets a badge (which I haven’t created yet… suggestions welcome).

If no-one guesses correctly I will give a clue and you can all try again!

Question 1: In the last 28 days, what was the most popular story that people searched for on Google and clicked onto the site to read about?

Question 2: In the last 28 days, what was the most popular quote that people searched for on Google and clicked onto the site to read about?

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Well, I’ll give it a go.

Question 1: The Church on Ruby Road
Question 2: Well, that’s all right, then!

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Both excellent guesses. Both wrong.

(I actually didn’t have that as a quote - my bad! Added it but need a better picture soon)

Seems fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Question 1 The Giggle
Question 2 I don’t want to go

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Worth a shot!

I figured people might’ve been searching for the most recent episode, and the latter quote has achieved meme status to the point that I could see people that didn’t know Doctor Who searching to try and get more context…

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Sorry, wrong :smile:

This is hard:

1: An unearthly child
2: Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

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Wrong on both counts, sorry!

I was thinking that this could be a site you are looking for when you are starting to get in to classic who.

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  1. The Husbands of River Song

  2. “Never be cruel. Never be cowardly. Hate is always foolish. Love is always wise. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind.”

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In actuality I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer to 1) is something relatively obscure, since that would make the TARDIS Guide page show higher in the search results.

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I’ve got nothing to lose, so allons-y!

  1. Some good guesses previously. Im going to guess another popular episode and say Blink.

  2. Let’s go two for two and say the “big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff” speech from the same episode.

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Guess I’ll have to think of a different quote to guess if this comes around to round two. :1tardis:

I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was an episode that people were looking for a transcript for, or more information on…

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No correct guesses so far but you’re starting to figure things out in the right direction…

Due transparency that even as a member of the TARDIS Team I am still not important enough for @shauny to share any actual statistics with me. Just so no one suspects funny insider trading going on with this competition :wink:

  1. The Celestial Toymaker (lots of interest about this due to the Giggle and the upcoming animation).
  2. I rubbish with quotes…so You will obey me.

Sorry, wrong!

(I never said you wasn’t important enough lol)

I’ll give a clue a bit later, I’m going to the dentist :tooth: :scream:

If you’re going to be giving clues, thing that might be nice to know are:

Are they actually tv, and not audio or books or anything?

What era?

Well known episodes, or obscure?

Hope everything goes well at the dentist!


Hopefully not this guy!


I’d certainly hope not!

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