Guessing game - Google hits edition

Great now I can’t get that song out of my head for the next week or so :roll_eyes: and it’s all my fault…

Not even going to click play on that one. No chance I’m risking getting that in my head again…

Ok! It’s going way off topic here and I’m all done at the dentist so it’s time for some clues.

You were on the right track @SweetAIBelle that it’s recent, and @ineffyble that they are obscure.

Being a new site and not spending much time or money on SEO means I’m only being found for obscure / long tail searches on Google at the moment (although for some reason Bing loves the site).

So my main clue is that people are looking for how to watch the story, and the quote is a question people want answered, even though the answer is in the quote!


Daleks in Colour maybe?

I don’t know whether it counts as obscure, but perhaps The Underwater Menace animation?

And the quote, could it be “Who’s my mummy?”

  1. An Unearthly Child
  2. Who am I?

@Tian already guessed An Unearthly Child, so you wasted a guess there…

Dammit - see, proof I have no inside knowledge. I was distracted by all the dentist guff (which I started to be fair!)

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1: The Timeless Children
2: “I’m the Doctor. Who are you and why are you shooting at me?”

You can guess again as you messed up. Don’t say I never give you anything :grin:

As magnanimous as always, great leader

(I mean I literally have no idea but…)

  1. Night of the Doctor
  2. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space

1 The Star Beast

2 “What do you mean, ‘that’s the Doctor’, doctor who?”

Jackie quote? Love it.

No, everyone’s wrong.

I’ll give some more clues because this is still too difficult :laughing: everyone can guess again!

But I will only declare one winner - you have to get them both!

The story is a minisode.
The quote is from The Giggle.

Dammit - it’s going to be my second guess which I didn’t put…

But I’m going to wait and see if anyone else knows because I’ll never the quote anyway.

Destination: Skaro
What’s a Zingo?


1Destination: Skaro
2 Bi-generation. I have bi-generated! There’s no such thing. Bi-generation is supposed to be a myth, but… look at me.”

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We have a winner!

Destination: Skaro - people are searching Google for how to watch it (it’s on YouTube!)

And I guess people really want to know what a zingo is. It’s just a thing you get a lift off!

MEL: I got a lift off a zingo and came back to Earth.

DOCTOR: What’s a zingo?

MEL: It’s a thing you get a lift off.


When I went with Night, I nearly put Destination. I’d never have got the quote though.


I love that Mel is getting a second chance at being on the show. She’s great. I saw Bonnie Langford on stage in 9 to 5!