Greetings, fellow fans!

Hi all,

Just a little post to introduce myself. I first entered the Whoniverse when I was 9 years old and started watching the amazing Australian K-9 Spin-Off (No, I’m not joking). I then moved on to watching the Classic and Modern series of the main show, and all the other live-action spin-offs. I dip into Big Finish every now and then but it’s generally not for me and I find the prices a little high, but great for you if that’s what you’re into!

I am a fan of Tennant and Troughton’s runs (though I concede that Capaldi is probably the best actor of the lot), and my favourite series is either Series 3 (2007) or Series 4 (2007). I am an unashamed apologist for the Daleks in Manhattan two-parter (How can you hate Tallulah with three Ls and an H?), and enjoyer of the better Cyberman stories.

Nice to meet you all!



I have a thread for you to read :smiley:

Enjoy our experience watching K9!

(Series 4 is my favourite too)


Welcome to the forum! You sound like a person with very good taste!

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Welcome to the forum. If you enjoyed K9 the only way is up :smiley:


Welcome! A K9 lover, now that’s interesting! And Series 4 is and remains my favourite New Who season :slight_smile:


Clearly you don’t appreciate the CCPC like I do

Thank you! Yeah, Series 4 is kind of a slam dunk, IMO there are no bad episodes.

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Thank you! And very true :laughing:

Thank you! I am indeed. :relieved: