"Give me the loving!"

I’m not (yet) Jewish myself so take this with a grain of salt, but I have seen other Jewish people say its not a caricature (in CORR), you can have goblins eating babies without it being blood libel, this was a thing with the Ferengi in Star Trek where Jewish fans had to point out if you just keep pointing at every greedy thing or child eating thing and saying it reminds you of Jewish people…

Well, I am a Jew, and CORR is much more glaring than the Ferengi. With the Ferengi it’s just greed - sure, you could make a point for them having big noses, but it’s such a drastically different style to how “Jewish noses” are usually done that I don’t see it. With the goblins it’s that they’re goblins, that they kidnap and eat an explicitly Christian child as a way to ruin Christmas - it’s all so tied to Christianity that it’s impossible to ignore. Also, there were so many Jewish people working on Star Trek, and basically none working on Doctor Who. I doubt RTD talked to any Jews while making this episode.

Persecution, be it religious, cultural, based on sexual preferences, gender, skin colour or anything really is not a laughing matter in my mind.

I don’t want to moralise, it’s just that the Master Race philosophy is taken directly from the play book of the Nazi party with the result of systemic mass murder in concentration camps. Millions of people were exterminated because a political group arbitrarily decided they were superior to others. So much pain, fear and suffering - children were killed for being born into a family that subscribed to a different belief system. Making a cheap, punny joke on behalf of all of these victims and their families is really not cricket.

It was done so much better in Spyfall pt. 2 when Jodie Whittaker questions the Master about not exactly being the poster boy for an Aryan stereotype - they didn’t make light of it.

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One notable thing on the Ferengi is that Armin Shimmerman played one of the original Ferengi and was unhappy with how the race came out, so he jumped at the chance to play Quark, and set about trying to redeem them as a race.

(And I’m very happy with some of the stuff they’ve been doing with the Orions on Lower Decks since as well…)

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I don’t see where either Lulubelle or Ruby are explicitly Christian? The UK is the most atheist country in the world, just being dropped off at a church doesn’t make someone christian

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Frankly the idea of any baby being droppped off at any church in 2024 is so wildly archaic that the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense :smiley: The only thing that does make sense is Davina McCall jumping at the chance to get crying viewers at Christmas over it.