Free For All Chat Thread

Just thought I’d make a thread to just post random things in when you don’t feel like dedicating a whole thread to them, but want to post in a thread, not the chat function.

Here’s a screenshot of me playing with an ai a few minutes ago, uploading a picture and asking it to describe said picture… :stuck_out_tongue:

(I was left wondering if the ai was trolling me…)


If everyone ran around in armour such as that it might actually get me to watch Star Trek :joy:

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Funny thing is it’s trolling Star Trek lovers, too, because, far from being the protagonist, Picard was only in the first episode or so of DS9…


Yeah that has to be deliberate trolling then right? Just needs to work in some sort of Star Wars reference in there to really rile up those “true fans” :grin:


Well, that AI is banned from this forum. One does not simply claim that Omega and Picard are the same person (or, are they…?)

I see a plot twist coming. RTD, are you reading this?


This one’s fairly limited anyways. Seems like discussing pictures you upload is most of what it can do (though telling you what the text on a picture says is neat). It’s small enough I can run it on my computer locally, though…

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It did do a little better here, btw.

Edit: Guess there is an online version around.

“How many beans make five?”

Huh? :thinking:

It has come up a couple of times in Classic Who, but what does this nonsense actually mean, asking for a non-native speaker such as myself :grin:

As far as I’m aware it means ‘simple maths’ as in ‘How many beans make five?’ - well, five obviously because I can count.

That’s certainly what the Brig means in Mawdryn Undead when the Doctor is surprised he’s a Maths teacher. He’s competent enough at Maths to be able to teach it.

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Sure that makes sense I suppose. I guess I thought it was from a poem or nursery rhyme or something like that.
It always confused me a bit watching The Ambassadors of Death…

Every time I comment I think to myself, “These people must be tired of hearing me talk about Six all the time” :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t expect anything less, I mean look at your avatar :smiling_face: /lh

Actually thinking out loud, I wonder if I could make a mod to easily add those tone indicators and have a tooltip to say what they mean…


Poll time!


  • Team Ruby (What a terrible name!)
  • Team Doctor (Such a brilliant name!)
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What with the Beatles coming to Doctor Who I just wanted to let you know that I will be rating that story 0,5/5 :star: if it does not include either a flashback scene or at least a reference to Ian dancing to “Ticket to Ride” in “The Chase”.

That’s it. Fair’s fair. Carry on with your day. :sunglasses:


Happy Beltane (aka May Day)

Also its International Workers’ Day (aka Labour Day) celebrated in some countries,


Happy Monday everyone, the beginning of another week on this little blue planet spinning in the void.


I’ve had all my windows and balcony doors open during the night and managed to get my flat down to 23*. Sadly it’s now up to 28* as my living room has large windows that face the sunrise and the rest of my flat has windows that get direct sunlight until sundown.


Just stumbled across this one randomly. Trust me you want to see this one :grin: