Favourite Villain or Monster from Series 1

Why weren’t Cassandra and the Editor in the ‘guest character’ poll? Because I was saving them for a villain/monster poll instead :slight_smile:

Vote for 3 options (just so we can let people choose the Daleks but see who or what else ranks highly for people).

  • Autons
  • Nestene Consciousness
  • Cassandra (Zoe Wanamaker)
  • The Gelth (Zoe Thorne)
  • Margaret Blaine (Annette Badland)
  • Joseph Green (David Verrey)
  • General Asquith (Rupet Vansittart
  • Oliver Charles (Eric Potts)
  • Strickland (Steve Spiers)
  • The Slitheen
  • Henry Van Statten (Corey Johnson)
  • The Editor (Simon Pegg)
  • The Jagrafess
  • The Reapers
  • Gas Mask Zombies
  • The Daleks
  • The Emperor Dalek (Nicholas Briggs)
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People are going to vote for the Daleks?


I know I’m the millionth person to say it, but the Empty Child himself is one of the most horrifying and scariest creations in Doctor Who history! Even his name is terrifying to me (I had a perpetual childhood fear of things that appeared to be alive but were really hollow/empty…)

I would happily vote for the single Dalek from Dalek, but not for the Daleks as a group. I’ve always found Daleks more interesting as individuals than as huge, identical armies.


Okay, yeah, if the individual Dalek from Dalek was on there, I could see it. The Daleks from Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways are a different matter.

(And, honestly, I’m not a big fan of undercutting everything in Dalek by having a million of them show up a few episodes later…)


Wanted to vote for the one Dalek in Dalek but that was not an option.


I would probably vote for the Slitheen if this had been a poll about SJA Villains/Monsters :slitheen:

Rule of thumb, if CGI is involved to increase the number of Daleks on-screen I loose all interest :wink:


Ohh you had already said that…. Oops…


Gas Mask Zombies. A creepy new villain.


I picked:

  • The Daleks
  • Gas Mask Zombies
  • Margaret

The Daleks are the Daleks. Overused, but they were effective in the Nine character arc. He thought they were all gone, and he was trying to deal with his part in the Time War, but they’re back etc etc.

Gas Mask Zombies are classic Romero zombies, little kids. Kids are creepy already, but the design and threat they posed was done really well.

Margaret. Boom Town is an excellent episode, and most of that is due to Annette Badland and Eccelstons chemistry. Coming from a dud of a fart joke into an interesting character piece, Margaret is a memorable character.


Apologies to everyone who wanted to vote for the lone Dalek!


How about Cardboard cutout Daleks?

Anyway, my votes were for The Editor, Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen, and The Gas Mask Zombies

(The vote for The Editor is more just a general love for Simon Peggy)


Cardboard Daleks? The more, the merrier :grin::grin::grin:


I voted for Cassandra (because she’s such a ridiculous character made great by Wanamaker), Margaret (the only bearable Slitheen, especially in Boom Town) and the Gas Mask Zombies (still one of the most effective horror elements Doctor Who has ever played around with!).


I voted for the Daleks because they really stood out in Series 1, and then gave my other vote for the Slitheen because they are a big part of the season and the first one I thought of.


Voted for The Daleks, Cassandra, and The Gas Mask Zombies. Excellent reintroduction (or, for me at the time, introduction) to the Daleks, in both stories. Cassandra is instantly memorable, and the Empty Child is this season’s best.


Gotta be the Daleks. I’ve also expressed several times that I think the Daleks tend to fall flat when it’s a whole massive army of them, but Bad Wolf/POTW is the real exception to that, where Dalek has established them as such a threat that encountering an entire army for the first time (from the perspective of someone starting with NuWho) is terrifying and the episode really makes it feel hopeless and doomed. And both the one in Dalek and the emperor in POTW play off Eccleston so well, making the Daleks have a similar nemesis role for 9 that the Master has for other Doctors.


I struggled to choose between 4, but I chose these three:

The Daleks - this was my first proper introduction to the Daleks, and I thought Dalek was a masterpiece and then Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways was incredible, they are probably my favourite ever Dalek stories.

Margaret / Blon Slitheen - Boomtown was a brilliant character piece for her, I love it.

Gas Mask Zombies - one of the scariest villains in Doctor Who history.

Special mention to Cassandra who is camp as hell and I love her, although I think it’s not until series 2 that she really shines.