Favourite Queer Characters

Happy pride month all, thought it might be nice to have a thread to talk about some of our favourite queer characters!


Obviously everyone in Torchwood, but for me I love the expanded media for queer Torchwood characters.

It’s always lovely to get older queer characters and Mr Colchester is absolutely perfect for that, his relationship with Colin is just so sweet.

As someone who’s genderfluid/genderqueer and pansexual myself, I absolutely adore Orr, and I love that their genderfluidity is literally their ‘superpower’.

And lastly how can you talk about Big Finish original Torchwood characters without mentioning the one and only Norton Folgate


I’ve really been liking that in newer Gallifrey audios, there’s some more casual queer side characters - I am especially fond of Trave who did a ftm regeneration and has a husband. I suppose all Time Lords are a little queer on the gender front by human standards, and I love that that has been repeatedly and explicitly established by now. Shout out to the General too, who we saw regenerate on screen in Hell Bent but is being utterly delightful in the audios.

Also, I must highlight both Benny and River as bisexual time travelling archaeologist icons <3 I love them both so much




I will say about Vastra and Jenny that there’s was a relationship I felt wasn’t written in a particularly good way. There are some bits where Vastra treats Jenny as a maid even when there is no one else around and that just never sat right with me.


I forget the character’s name but in Tragedy Day, the New Adventure, I remember the review commenting on one of the guest character’s being gay and how it was refreshing that it was just a part of them, matter of fact, and not a big deal (or words to that effect). It wasn’t the defining character trait.


I must admit I like a character 10000x more if it turns out they are gay. It just peaks my interest. So whereas I knew nothing about Matteusz at first, as soon as I found out he was gay I was suddenly a lot more interested in Class!

And Luke, well I kinda knew that from the beginning, it was the whole “I was born different” vibe he had, being created by the Bane.

As for Jenny and Vastra - I kinda agree with @deltaandthebannermen they did have a strange relationship sometimes but I think that’s just their thing. Some relationships are a bit one-sided and sometimes that’s consensual. Whatever floats your boat.

Although I like Jack, I do also find him a bit of a bad example - how promiscuous he is, it’s not representative of every bi person.

Probably my favourite queer character pre-2023 was Ianto Jones. Again, I knew very little about him until it turned out he was queer (but only for Jack?) then I became obsessed. I see a lot of me in him. I even look a bit like him apparently. And I was gutted when he died. I have visited his “shrine” in Cardiff!

Who is my favourite queer character post-2023?

The Fifteenth Doctor! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hot_face:


I have heard the term “omnisexual” thrown around a bit when talking about Jack. And perhaps homo sapiens have just evolved a larger libido by the 51st century :grin:


Yeah. I just never really forgave him for how he treated Gwen! It was unnecessary and wrong.


Bill is one of my favorite queer characters of all time, I have such a soft spot for her. Series 10 was coming out right about when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality, and having her on screen absolutely helped me do that. She’s an adult comfortable in who she is. I like how we get to see her go on dates, she gets to make jokes about being gay, we get to see her kiss a woman. That was so significant to me at the time and I still love her dearly.


I’ve not mentioned my other favourite queer character… you guessed it…


Hmm, we didn’t say favorite queer characters in Doctor Who, did we?


Happy pride month to all the lgbtq+ whovians


My faves

Bill potts
Jenny (and thats not because she has the same name as me😆)

Theses ladies in gridlock


Least favourite queer characters:

THIN ONE: Hello. I’m the Thin One. This is my husband. He’s the Fat One.
LORNA: Don’t you have names?
FAT ONE: We’re the thin fat gay married Anglican marines. Why would we need names as well?



Okay, it’s probably worth mentioning Loki here.

I don’t really mean the tv show character, though, though they count. I mean the mythological character. Loki was a shapeshifter, and did shapeshift into both sexes.

Notable was the time when a giant was going a job for the gods with help of a huge stallion, and was in danger of actually completing on time and the gods having to honor his contract.

Loki went and changed into a mare and ran off with the stallion, keeping him occupied all night, preventing them from getting the work done in time, and also getting pregnant in the mix.

Loki then gave birth to the eight legged stallion Sleipnir, who Odin rides.

That’s your bit of queer mythology! (For other queer mythological characters, go play Hades…)


Been talking about my favs in the other thread but let me also post my girl here :blue_heart:


Outside of Doctor Who, I’ve gotta give a special shoutout to these two for not only being great but also for cracking my egg


I’d appreciate those two more if I hadn’t spend most of the show going “Catra, no!”.

That and I love Scorpia and Entrapta too much not to be irritated with Catra…




I mean, it’s debatable, but I see most of the Doctors as ace, and asexual people are also a part of LGBTQ community! I identify as asexual, and I really like that the Doctor is so heavily ace-coded throughout the history of the show. My headcannon is that most of the modern Doctors are panromantic asexual and at least half of the classic Doctors are aro-ace (particularly Two, Four, Six and Seven)