Favourite Cliffhangers

One of the classic era’s defining traits was the cliffhanger.

What are you favourites?

Well, this one’s fairly memorable…


I love how the novelisation tries to explain what he’s doing in that cliffhanger. Apparently there is supposed to be a ledge below him that he’s climbing down to.

Have to wonder if that was actually the idea at the time, or something they came up with retroactively.

The cliffhanger in the Mind Robber, where the Tardis flies apart, with Jamie and Zoe clinging to the console and the Doctor floating in space was a good one, too.

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I believe there was a problem with a special or visual effect which didn’t quite come together - I’m sure there was something about shifting platforms I read somewhere.

Wendy Padbury isn’t a fan of how prominent her posterior is in that bit!

Oh, I bet! But it was very memorable and surreal, and you really have no idea where things are going to go from there.

Come to think of it, Chibnall kinda reused that a bit with the ending of the first 13th Doctor story, with the Doctor and companions all floating in space, though sans Tardis bits.

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Hidden, for her dignity, but couldn't resist


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That one’s my favorite just becouse of the ridiculousness of him climbing over the rail and it never being explained

In my head canon he just did it for fun

I fairly certain that the 7th Doctor in the Dragonfire cliffhanger was doing that to confuse Clara in the future :wink:


It’s got to be episode 2 of Planet of Giants.

Ian: “Barbara, he’s standing at the sink. I can see him standing at the sink. He’s turned the tap on!”

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There are a couple I can think of off the top of my head:

The Daleks, Part 1: It’s the ultimate, original monster reveal classic. We see a screaming Barbara and a Dalek plunger. They’ve tried to recreate it several times, but it’s never been as effective as here.

Death to the Daleks, Part 3: This one’s good because it’s so bad. The Doctor warns Bellal to watch out, and the camera cuts to a shot of the Ultimate Floor Panel of Death. It cracks me up every time.

Remembrance of the Daleks, Part 3 (if I remember correctly): the one with the Doctor cornered at the top of a stairwell by a Dalek who suddenly begins hovering up the stairs, finally addressing the Daleks’ ages-old design fault and paving the way for the modern series Daleks.


Three good choices :smiley:

But it’s actually Remembrance Part One which has the levitating Dalek. Part Two is Ace surrounded by Daleks and Part Three is the Dalek ship landing in the playground.

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Gosh, I suspected I’d get it wrong. I haven’t watched it in ages and couldn’t remember exactly, and didn’t bother to check. Cheers for the correction:D

I suppose someone has to mention “The Underwater Menace” Episode 3.



This is a great video about that cliffhanger’s reprise for Episode 4.

Oh, may as well add another cliffhanger to the list…


Not the actual clifhanger, but might as well be