Favourite 8th Doctor Companions (Audio)

Who’s your favorite 8th Doctor audio companion? Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Gemma Griffin (Big Finish)
  • Samson Griffin (Big Finish)
  • Mary Shelley (Big Finish)
  • Charlotte Pollard (Big Finish)
  • C’rizz (Big Finish)
  • Lucie Miller (Big Finish)
  • Tamsin Drew (Big Finish)
  • Molly O’Sullivan (Big Finish)
  • Liv Chenka (Big Finish)
  • Helen Sinclair (Big Finish)
  • The Eleven (Big Finish)
  • Tania Bell (Big Finish)
  • Andy Davidson (Big Finish)
  • Bliss (Big Finish)
  • Alex Campbell (Big Finish)
  • Cass Fermazzi (TV + Big Finish)
  • Audacity Montague (Big Finish)
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I don’t feel super qualified to vote in this because I’m far from listening to it all but I just wanted to lend my vote to my two faves so far:

Liv Chenka and Lucie bleedin’ Miller :heart:



In case it wasn’t obvious who my favourite companion is :rofl: But I also love Helen so much and I am SO happy we are getting more of her and Liv in May :tada:


Big Finish makes some really great companions


Yes they do.

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I wouldn’t mind getting some more Samson and Gemma considering they were in one Main Range story and a few Big Finish print Short Trips.

Through Big Finish, the Eighth Doctor has really become a favorite of mine. And when you look at how many quality companions they’ve given him, it’s easy to see why. I think not getting his own TV run was actually the best thing for his character. The sheer amount of novels, audio and comics that this incarnation has gotten over the past 28 years is outstanding. I would still love to see McGann get a miniseries, but if he’s stuck only doing Big Finish going forward, I’m fine with that too.