Favourite 13th Doctor Companions (Across All Mediums)

Who’s your favorite 13th Doctor companion? Note that this is from across all mediums and includes all TV companions and only multi-story companions from other mediums. Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Yasmin “Yaz” Khan
  • Ryan Sinclair
  • Graham O’Brien
  • Dan Lewis
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I’m writing in a vote for Eustacius Jericho.


Obviously I’m voting Yaz but I’m also voting Dan because he’s my favorite himbo

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What’s a himbo? I think I get it just haven’t heard it before

Male version of a bimbo - but a word I don’t think I’ve seen used since the 90s!

Yeah that’s what I gathered. I don’t know how to feel about that term to be honest, calling Rose a bimbo for instance wouldn’t feel right. Or does it have a more positive connotation?

I think like many things, the male ‘version’ is considered more ‘acceptable’ - a bit like men being slapped in Moffat Who was played for laughs whereas the opposite would never even be countenanced.

Not that I want to open a can of worms labelled ‘gender politics’.

As I say, it’s not a term I’ve seen used a lot in the last couple of decades.


Thanks for the clarification, it was not my intention to open said can - that’s a whole other conversation. But yeah it probably should go back to the 90’s… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can we also consider Bret Vyon a companion to the 1st Doctor then?:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah they’ve got very different connotations. Himbo is more like “lovable goofy moron” vs bimbo just being objectifying

Wonder if we could sort of adopt “herbo”, to get a female version of himbo that loses the objectifying?

It’s fascinating how terms can have such different connotations depending on who reads them. Language is always interpreted on one’s own experiences, and having no experience with that term I became a bit intrigued by it and spent some time searching for it’s meaning and found very different interpretations depending on both nationality and societal experiences.
It seems to be very divisive in general being both used as someone who is “loveable and goofy” and the much less flattering and reductive “objectification of a simple-minded man”.
No matter your own interpretation, Dan is an amazing character and beautifully played by John Bishop :blush:


Dan. He is fun. He is played well, he has some fun moments, and in general he has some great chemistry with Mandip and Jodie! I do like Mandip but find myself not connecting with her TV Character that much until Flux. Here is hope we get some future Stories with her and Jodie on BF, would love to see where those writers would bring them too! (In general, it would be neat to have 13 on BF at some point)