Favorite Doctor Costumes

gotta say i love the variety Capaldi’s wardrobe has while maintaining a uniform style and general silhouette. feels very in line with June Hudson’s costuming for Tom Baker, where the individual items of the costumes are always getting swapped out but the key elements and general look stay the same. I also love how it combines the classic ‘period costuming’ vibe that the Doctor typically wears with more modern fashion. feels so correct for a time traveler who’s so young and old at the same time… I’m deeply fond of the coat-over-hoodie looks and his doc martens, it feels so designer.
I think Mccoy’s is my second favorite, although i really wish he got more variations on it… I’ve been puzzling out how to design him other outfits that keep with his style and are still recognizably him while changing the look up enough to feel fresh and it has NOT been easy. that may end up being a whole other discussion post for me lol. I also regret that they didn’t style it the way Ken Trew originally designed it, with the sweater vest tucked in and the red suspenders on top (i think its only in Time and the Rani he tucks it in at all) I think it’s a lot more stylish that way. admittedly I think the frumpiness is part of the look lol.

I don’t think I can say that Sixie’s got an outfit that I… enjoy per se. but it does fascinate me. the color scheme manages to be so completely incoherent and painful it can only be on purpose. I think if you picked a random handful of color swatches out of a bin it would be more appealing than this. I do think the silhouette of the frock coat is great for him though. I gotta come up with my own redesign of the main costume, every redesign I’ve seen so far tries to make him more monochrome which is so unnecessary, he should still be clown-colored I think.
I’m also a little obsessed with his waistcoats… i love the material on the season 22 waistcoat, and the funny little bear and ladybug buttons on some of his other ones are so charming. feels very ‘grandma’s sewing kit’, like he’s a slightly ugly handmade stuffed animal.

if you ever want some really great detail shots on various Doctors’ costume items and costume variations, Steve Rick’s Tailoring has some very handy and interesting reference images (although the websites are a bit confusing to navigate).