Favorite Doctor Costumes

Which doctor(s) had your favorite regular outfits? Choose 1-3 doctors, and if you want to, share what your favorite variants of those costumes are

  • First Doctor
  • Second Doctor
  • Third Doctor
  • Fourth Doctor
  • Fifth Doctor
  • Sixth Doctor
  • Seventh Doctor
  • Eighth Doctor
  • Ninth Doctor
  • Tenth Doctor
  • Eleventh Doctor
  • Twelfth Doctor
  • Thirteenth Doctor
  • Fourteenth Doctor
  • Fifteenth Doctor
  • War Doctor
  • Fugitive Doctor
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I’m a big fan of most of 12’s outfits, but particularly the S9 hoodie looks, with The Girl Who Died being probably my favorite. S10 also has a lot of great looks, but I think something about the S9 looks really work the best for me, plus S9 introduces the spectacular red velvet coat.

12th Doctor, The Girl Who Died

13’s took a bit of time to grow on me, but once I realized how great that coat looks in motion it became one of my favorites, and now I’m actually putting together a full 13 cosplay and honestly something about the outfit makes me feel super great and confident. She’s got a lot less variance than 12 did, but I do generally find that the main wide collar navy shirt is my favorite, and I also prefer the blue braces that she wears in Flux and the specials over the yellow ones. My favorite variant is probably the dark coat, which was used so spectacularly as a symbolic costume change rather than a standard variant.

I also voted 15, as while we’ve seen lots of costumes from him, I believe this one is possibly supposed to be the “main” one, and immediately stands out as one of the best looking outfits of the show, and I absolutely love the long leather coat.


Oh and I should give a shoutout to the actual costume designers behind these! Pam Downe is the new costume designer responsible for 15’s outfits (as well as 14’s) and I’m already incredibly impressed by everything we’ve seen from her.

All of 13’s costuming as well as the S9 12 looks that I pointed out as favorites are the work of the incredible Ray Holman, who is my favorite costume designer of the show, and is also responsible for 11’s original S5 costumes (which I personally believe are better than the S6-7 ones, although the 7B looks are close), as well as the Fugitive Doctor’s (which I very nearly put above 15 as my 3rd place)


Impeccable & incomparable.

Third Doctor


It’s Eleven for me - but more his long purple coat phase.

And I’m here to say that when they started dressing 12 in whatever Capaldi rocked up to recording in, I wasn’t impressed. I hate the hoodie look - it’s just far too casual and ‘modern day’ for the Doctor - he should wear clothes that make him stand out not blend in.

I think I’m going to like Ncuti’s ever-changing wardrobe.


I think in a vacuum I prefer 11’s 7B outfit, especially as I think long coats are very doctor-y, but it never quite feels right to me after so long with the tweed jacket and always feels a bit too formal for 11.

Your consistency in having bad takes about 12 is almost impressive /lh


If we are talking about distinguished Doctor outfits:
images (1)
Here he really drezzed for the occasion.


By ‘bad’, I’m assuming you mean perceptive and correct. :wink:

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Wait I can’t remember, what do you think of the sonic sunglasses?

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I like why Moffat invented them.

That sounds like you’re trying to avoid saying that you don’t like them…

In which case I very much mean bad takes, and perhaps even that you hate fun /lh

There’s just something about this outfit of the 7th Doctor’s that I think is so charming.

I really want to dislike the ??? pullover, but I can’t bring myself to that.


Personally I can very easily bring myself to dislike it lol. I probably would put 7’s as my least favorite outfit, but I can see why it appeals to people

Also if we didn’t have that pullover we wouldn’t have this glorious cosplay version
images (2)


Both 4s Season 16/17 outfits and 8s Time War costume’s follow the same basic silhouette that I really love, the long, flowing and heavy coats with tall boots tucked into breeches, topped with waistcoats and cravats. It gives them both such adventurous, dashing vibes, a mix of the practical and the refined that I think fits the Doctor as a character to T.

Kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum, I think the Fourteenth’s costume is both a really nice modern update to 10s and adds a timelessness to it that I feel like 10s didn’t. The coat’s more formal cut in comparison to 10s duster and the change from the jacket to the waistcoat adds a dash of the Classic’s formality to it as well that I feel is really fitting too.

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Just thought I’d mention that I really liked this Doctor outfit when I saw it.

Hello,_I'm_the_Doctor _Fugitive_of_the_Judoon_Doctor_Who

Of course, sometimes you end up noticing what feel a lot like Doctor outfits in non-Doctor Who shows…


My favourites are:

Eleven: Specifically his second outfit. He made me wear bowties for formal occasions (they are cool, after all), and his looks are sleek but not too mundane.

Nine: That leather jacket screams cool and dark to me, which is what Nine is. Simple, but effective!

Four: It’s so ridiculous that it’s an instant classic! That overlong scarf, the burgundy/grey jacket, and the occasional hat. Iconic!

I agree with what @deltaandthebannermen said earlier: I find Twelve’s outfit too modern and casual. I liked his original outfit, but the fact that they kept altering it irritated me. To me, the Doctor’s outfit is part of who they are as much as their personality and quirks, which is why I’m not very excited about Doctors who constantly change their outfits. I’m a bit worried about Ncuti because they’ve released that publicity shot with his official outfit (which looks great on him!), but it seems like he barely wears it in the upcoming season! Permit him to wear it, for the love of God, so that he may attain the same level of notoriety as the others.

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Snap! After the Eleventh Doctor started wearing bow ties, I got lots of them and started wearing them instead of ties. Always a conversation-starter. I even have a burgandy bow tie designed as a replica for the one Eleven wore.

Whilst I agree that the Doctor having an ‘outfit’ is good to show their personality and for ‘brand awareness’ I guess, I do also think it can sometimes be a bit ridiculous for them to wear the same thing no matter what time zone they are going to. I’m the opposite, super excited to see all the outfits the Fifteenth Doctor is going to wear :star_struck:


I agree that I preferred Capaldi’s more ‘Doctorish’ looks (especially the Pertwee-esque coat with the red lining). But agree that his constant changing was distracting - I think it’s because the looks weren’t varied enough or anything to do with where they were (with a couple of exceptions such as what he wears in Mummy on the Orient Express). I like the idea that Ncuti is going to dress for the era, whilst clearly still retaining the Doctorish elements. I particularly like the styling he has for The Devil’s Chord.