Episode Discussion: Rogue

True. Maybe 8 trigenerated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe that’s what happens when a time lord dies of old age, where bigeneration would still leave one body on the brink of death. You just get two new bodies, so the war doctor became both 9 and Shalka


After not being able to due to being out of sync with people I’m watching the new season with, I managed to get around to watching Rogue and it was definitely an experience.

First things first, I want to say that I had a lot of fun with Rogue and massively enjoyed my time with it, but I didn’t exactly like it. It had far too many leaps in logic in the already very poorly paced script for me to excuse and I’ve never gelled with Doctor centric romances, so the stuff with Rogue just did not work for me, even with Gatwa and Groff’s charisma.

However, Ruby really gets to shine here as she has throughout most of the season, she’s probably my favourite part of Rogue and, despite my grievances, I still had a good time watching the episode. I’d give it a 6/10.

You can read my full review below, including the needlessly long rant on why the climax utterly fails if you so wish:
Season One (Series 14); Episode Six - “Rogue” by Kate Herron and Briony Redman


I fixed the link to your review, it was broken!


Can’t take credit for this one, but what a nice detail :grin:


this + the flyer for the pizza place on minto road on carla’s fridge (mentioned in parting of the ways) are so much fun to me… i think there was another one that i’m forgetting.


Listening to Verity! where it was pointed out that if that is the Shalka Doctor, then the Derek Jacobi Android Master is also “canon”

I’ll take that to mean that my ridiculously convoluted theory that the Simm Master is really a Kamelion like android is hereby proved and that I confidently can disregard the whole “drumming in the Master’s head since they were a child” bit :tada:

I still say it’s the Great Intelligence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This was a fun episode! The costumes, the drama, even the love story, all beautifully executed. I think this was a good episode to place after those last two that were a bit different and let’s say, required a bit more thought and less, well, fun.(Which is not a bad thing!) I adored getting to see Ruby and the doctor interact in all their glory, I have been missing them, I love their dynamic. Still find the lack of TARDIS interior a bit odd though.
The love story was actually quite well done with two characters that are unique and have chemistry, so I was about as sold as I will ever be on a ‘love at first sight’ story (given that I am aroace it makes no sense to me but I have to admit it’s a good story device).
I really enjoyed seeing Ruby in the past, she’s clearly enjoying herself so much while also remaining very true to herself and her beliefs.

I was super intrigued (and mildly heartbroken because she’s already one of my favorites) when she ‘died’, I did initially think off a switch then dismissed and honestly wondered more about a non-human Ruby or the doctor doing some timey-wimey stuff in the finale to save her, but I really like that it’s her own skills that saved her

Also incredibly funny to watch this episode just before/in between of a DnD session with my friends (also happy to say that the parts they watched too got them somewhat invested in the doctor/rogue so there’s hope in me convincing my friends to join me in this ungodly long TV show)


The Transcript is now live, sorry for the delay. Also, I haven’t proof read it yet! Plus need to go over and add my favourite quotes, lots of great ones in this!