Episode Discussion: Rogue

This thread contains open SPOILERS for the episode Rogue, and any previous episodes. Please only discuss this episode here, use the other threads for discussions about future episodes.

Sixth episode of this season is “Rogue”, this one written by Kate Herron & Briony Redman! If you want to discuss the others, head to their respective threads.

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This’ll be posted a few hours before the episode, so you can speculate and such before it comes out here. You can reference earlier episodes, but the main discussion in this thread should be for Rogue.

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Soothsayer time: Rogue is a Time Lord who travelled back in time and took Suzie Costello out of time, brought her to Varos and made her a bird-person. Of course this also means that Gwen Cooper and Peri will appear in this episode and confirms Torchwood Season 5 where Anwen becomes a Torchwood agent.
I see no logical fallacies here… :sunglasses:


Unfortunately I think she might be a little young to be a Torchwood agent, she can’t be more than 14 years old. Maybe in five or so years. In the meantime, I think they should let Ianto Jones out of the TARDIS’s coffee maker.


Hmm okay.
Anwen as a rebellious teen with 50% of Gwen’s genes and access to whatever alien tech Gwen has squirreled away? Does that work better for you? :wink:


Not only does it work, I’m now desperate for it. If only I didn’t have so many fics in the works already…


He’s not gonna be a recast Captain Jack but a man can hope.


The last three episodes have been sheer class. They had a lot of fun with this one. I really hope we meet Rogue again - was I the only one to gasp at all the gorgeous romance drama? (I’m a Bridgeton fan so that helps). Call backs to Captain Jack but I’m relieved he is a distinct character in and of himself.

A huge pleasure to have Ncuti and Millie back together after a couple of weeks off, what a star cast we have. I love that tick that Ncuti’s Doctor has where he laughs as a reflex to shock and masks his upset by jollying things along. He’s thought about this.

Also a treat to have some new writers on board. It felt fresh and different. This series’ strength so far has been variety and knowing when to be more playful or more serious. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.


WAAGHHH i was so busy sewing and listening to Big Finish I forgot it was DW time :sob::sob::sob: I’m so not used to it being on Friday night US time


I can’t take a screenshot but, there was an extra Doctor that I didn’t recognise when the Doctor got scanned.


Im in Budapest on holiday so finished watching at ~2am local time. :joy: Got to see what the show was like on Disney+ though!


I didn’t recognise them either?? I’m hoping a proper fan can tell me :sweat_smile:

Edit - apparently it’s Richard E Grant, so the Shalka Doctor. Can’t say I recognised him via the picture they chose… he has quite a recognisable face!


Just looking back, and I can see the resemblance to Shalka 9, but it does look off. Plus a bonus older Three/Pertwee.


Time and Relative Dimensions in Shed :smiling_face_with_tear:


What a really fun episode!


For goodness sake this video is going to be going round my head all week now


So I watched this as I’m a fan of Jonathan Groff. He was good in this episode. Overall I thought the episode was OK.

I haven’t watched the last couple of episodes yet, so I’m still unsure how I feel about Series 14.


Initial impressions right off the bat: Loved the episode, definitely the most fun I’ve had all season! I was actually laughing and clapping my hands at several points. Groff is a fantastic actor, and it was interesting to see him in a role like this. I really liked his chemistry with Ncuti! Indira Varma’s performance was amusing as well, she clearly was having fun with it.

Overall, had a great time with this one; felt like a proper Doctor Who romp. Glad to see the Doctor and Ruby at the forefront together again, too, after the past two weeks. Definitely one I’ll be happy to rewatch!


Loved this one. Second favorite of the season, behind Boom. Maybe could end up in my top 30 list but not an instant slam dunk for it like Boom was. With the last few weeks being a bit more experimental/weird, it was nice to be back to a fairly standard kind of adventure, and I love a good one episode romance story, definite GITF vibes. Though the Doctor being with Rogue for most of the episode did mean another episode where we don’t get as much of 15 and Ruby together as I’d like.


Initial impressions - the design work is sumptuous, but one two many direct Bridgerton references is going to date this heavily, as is the line “We’re going to cosplay this planet to death.” Wildly up and down on how I feel about this. There were some real highlights but then there were also moments that felt like really poor fan-fiction. I don’t want to get too into “the gay male experience written by women” of it all, but I had a hard time buying it. Groff and Gatwa give it electric chemistry, but I think a lot of people are going to have a lot to say about it.

It gave me a strangely 80s vibe; the triangle trap disappearing underneath them was a great effect. Same thing goes for the bird people, although I think the cosplay references should have remained a little more allegorical. I’m trying to find positive things to say. I’ll find more on a re-watch I’m sure, but a very middle of the road episode for me.

This looked most promising in the first ten minutes with the Doctor and Ruby together - why they felt the need to split them isn’t beyond me, but it is unnecessary. Ruby goes off into the Companion Peril Rube Goldberg Machine where all of her work is basically for nothing because it’s nothing but a ruse, with the intention of getting her into the Terrible Spider-man Choice that The Doctor has to make. I’m not gonna argue whether the romance is wildly OOC for this Doctor as this is a first season and we all know sometimes stuff like this doesn’t get locked in; S8 Capaldi and S10 Capaldi are very different, but there’s a lot of very flat and non-specific emotional language used in the script to shorthand this into a meaningful relationship, with the metatext signalling that because this relationship is transgressional it holds more meaning.

But then you fridge him anyway. You’re trying to condense the 9/Jack and 10/Jack AND Doctor/Master dynamic all into a 35 minute B plot just so you can knock off some trauma for The Doctor at the end and it feels cheap. It doesn’t feel like good television writing, because it doesn’t feel earned. It felt like some quite bad booktok romance at certain points. I can buy The Doctor falling in love, I truly can. I’m a 3/Brig shipper, for goodness’ sake. But this is just another Girl In The Fireplace for me. I cannot believe that with his “best friend” in immediate danger, kissing is on The Doctor’s mind, but I’m trying to be kind to the script.

Ironically, I think Russell T Davies could have done a much better job with this.

Also I think you could probably have slotted this between 73 Yards and Dot and Bubble? Maybe? I don’t know. Ugh I really wanted to like this more than I did.


Okay, genuine reaction other than silly EU thoughts - I liked it! I was dubious bc the regency era leaves me cold in general, but I had fun. I think another fun one was in order. Still loving Gatwa, he’s really remindng me of McGann, and Ruby is sooo making me think about Sam Jones all the time.

So yes, overall, fun. Nothing much more for me to say than that