Episode Discussion: 73 Yards

Problems with my internet provider kept me from watching the episode. Finally got time (and enough internet connection) to do so.
For me, ‘73 Yards’ was Russell T. Davies at his best.

All his best episodes tickle my emotions. I studied math at university, work in IT - so I am a kind of logic-leaning person and do not have the right words to explain why. Trying anyways. :wink:

What I would call ‘emotional story weaving’ kept me captivated. For me, the story worked in a way very different from say the best stories by Steven Moffat. Moffat’s stories tend to engage my logical thinking. There are words to describe and analyse them. Davies’ stories engage my emotions and there are no words in my head, just emotions feeling right.

In his more brilliant stories like ‘73 Yards’, they indeed feel so right that logical thoughts actually do not emerge until after experiencing the story. I did not have time to read the other comments, but I guess someone else will have pointed out the logic-holes in the story already. :wink: I know for certain: in my younger years, I would have. :slight_smile:

Nowadays, I prefer in such situations to keep the analytical thoughts at the edge of my thinking. There’s no need to spoil my fond memories by logically analyzing a story (probably) not woven with analytical logic in mind.

So, brilliant story. Looking forward to the next one. :slight_smile:


The full transcript is now live (with some corrections I made to Chakoteya’s transcript - they wrote that Ruby broke the circle, and got the name of the pub wrong!) and I’ve also added 9 quotes (not so quotable this one, it’s mostly vibes).


KATE: We have a tradition of helping the Doctor’s former companions, once they return to a… normal life.

RUBY: I was… I was hardly with him, really.

KATE: But it felt like a lifetime?

RUBY: Yeah.

I didn’t think of it when 73 Yards aired, but this kind of disproves the bit about Ruby having travelled with the Doctor half a year in The Devil’s Chord, or at the very least muddles the time aspect somewhat.:slightly_smiling_face:


Questions I don’t need to be answered:
• What does The Woman say to people?
• What is the Woman?
• What was the circle on the cliff?
• Where did the Doctor go?
• Why was the TARDIS locked?

Questions I wish had been answered:
• How does Gwilliam connect to Mad Jack?
• Why could Ruby see through the woman’s eyes at the end?


On the TV interview when Ruby first sees him, he says his nickname was “Mad Jack”. So presumably that’s it. Mad Jack is him.

I thought it was because Ruby was the woman. When she got old she went back in time and stalked herself.