Episode Discussion: 73 Yards

This thread contains open SPOILERS for the episode 73 Yards, and any previous episodes. Please only discuss this episode here, use the other threads for discussions about future episodes.

Fourth episode of this season is “73 Yards”! If you want to discuss the others, head to their respective threads.

There’s a trailer here:

This’ll be posted a few hours before the episode, so you can speculate and such before it comes out here. You can reference earlier episodes, but the main discussion in this thread should be for 73 Yards.

The episodes should be on iPlayer and Disney+ at midnight BST, or 4 pm PST/7 pm EST in the US.

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I am ready for 66,7512 meters :+1:
Looks delightfully creepy :grin:


I thought this was the fourth episode. Did Faction Paradox steal an episode?


I wrote up a few posts at once this time, so just a copy/paste error…


No problem. It happens.

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I really liked this episode. It was creepy and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.

I did not think that we were going to get a Doctor Light episode with this short season.

I like the focus on Ruby I think that her character is interesting. The way they used her mother and Kate was brilliant.

The thing that dragged this down a little for me was the ending. To me, the solution felt a little easy, and I wanted more of an explanation. I also wanted to know more about the other girl that hated the politician.

My initial score is 9/10 (almost a 10) but this can change in the future.


Awesome! Not going to say too much yet, I don’t want to spoil it for others


Ooh, I want to hear. You can use the spoiler thing to hide what you are writing :grinning:


That was really good. I don’t like ghost stories, but that just kind of worked. So we have our Doctor-lite episode for the season with Ruby taking the lead. I was surprised to see Carla and Cherry, and Kate. Then the political side was very interesting. I also expected to see Sian Phillips in it more than she was. I loved that the Susan Twist cameo was even commented on in-universe. I’m kinda interested to see if and how the novelization expands on the story.


Oh is this one of the novels? That is brilliant. I would love to know more of Rubys’ thoughts. Perfect for a novel.


Not for me sadly :frowning: maybe I need to sit and digest it more.

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I enjoyed the episode, but it gave me a lot of anxiety while watching it.

I do have a question about the ending as Ruby spent years trying to stop a nuclear war, but then stopped herself from stopping it.


I am speechless, unlike Boom I am a bit unsure where I stand on this Episode, but I must say directing wise this might be my favorite out of the new ones we had so far. The Location Filming is wonderful and there are a lot of great shots in it.

The story itself, I think the concept with the woman and the distance was delightful unsettling (especially for me watching it at around 1 am), I must confess I am unsure on the ending, but overall? This one really did it for me. I think this one really helps to flesh out ruby’s character for me and make her more than what for example the first two episodes did, where it felt like she and the doctor had their banter too soon.[/spoiler] [spoiler](Also this is more a script problem, Millie does an incredible job and I really like her performances so far).

I think this one I definitely need to sit a bit on before I can fully articulate my feelings on it, I think it’s more successful with the goals it sets out and pace wise, although I wish some stuff got more expanded such as that other Woman. Overall this is just a first impression, I had a good time and was pretty blown away by it. Not everything worked, but when something worked, ohhh it worked!


I liked it. It was weird and sad. Not sure about all of it but it was definitely unsettling. I maybe wanted more of an explanation as to what was going on, but I still enjoyed it. 8/10


At least according to Tardis Wiki. It’s supposedly written by Scott Handcock. However the link provided doesn’t actually give any real information or even the title, so take it with a grain of salt.


Thought it was brilliant! I feel like it may not sit well with many folks given how much was kept a mystery, but as a Faction Paradox enjoyer, I’m well primed to have a ball of a time with a story that I don’t entirely understand - and in which, in fact, not understanding is sort of the point!


I really liked this one, felt very Doctor Who, reminded me in a few points of big finish


Did notice half the time Ruby’s glasses did not have glass in them. Just stuff I like noticing in shows even though you see it in other shows as well.


I really really enjoyed this, it was great for developing ruby’s character further, and it was tense, funny, and full of mystery! The ending did feel sudden but I liked the way they dealt with the paradox of having the old woman be Ruby.
Some quick thoughts:
-i think its the perfect sort of episode to get people theorizing about what the woman said to those people and everything about “mad jack”, while there may never be a real answer, the best part of stories like this and Midnight for example is that you don’t fully understand everything but you dont really need to fully understand it, the mystery makes it more interesting to theorize about
-It felt like RTD took the idea of the Curse of Clyde Langer and made it even weirder and more interesting!


Loved this one. I always appreciate it when an episode breaks the mold from the usual format, and this time it made for a great little horror story. Steven Moffat has said before that a good DW episode needs an idea that could be a movie on its own, and this one definitely fits the bill. It goes beyond the cool concept though, as the constant moody atmosphere is the best thing about it. It genuinely feels like a nightmare, down to things that don’t quite make sense but still give you an irrational fear. Definitely one where the vibes matter more than the plot, which I’m sure won’t sit right with everyone, but I was onboard with it.
Between this and Boom last week we’re in the best streak of back-to-back bangers in a long time, we’ll see if it keeps going.