Doom Coalition

I did it! I finished Doom Coalition, in my Eighth Doctor Audio marathon.

What did everyone think of this set? I thought it was a big improvement over Dark Eyes, a much simpler and consistent plot and it is tied in with the coming of the Time War so nicely which makes my fan heart squee.

They did kind of throw in the kitchen sink with River Song and The Monk and loads of other characters in here in the end, in a way Big Finish loves to do, but I must say I do enjoy a big team up.

Some of my favourite stories were: The Red Lady, Scenes from Her Life, Absent Friends, Ship in a Bottle, Songs of Love.

Liv and Helen are excellent companions, I love them!

I’m excited to be starting Ravenous next!


I really like DC!

I have conflicting feelings about the Eleven, because even though he’s brilliant as a character and the split regenerations thing is interesting, I think it’s tiresome to uncomfortable to have immediately jumped for ~ooo multiple personalities must mean evillll~ but that’s a whole other conversation haha

But Helen Sinclair… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The Red Lady is one of my fav episodes and Absent Friends destroys me every time. DC is a lot of fun! And Rav is too, you get a lot more Liv and Helen goodness and it’s similar in terms of how the story is put together overall. So you should enjoy it!

Liv and Helen and Eight are one of theee most iconic tardis teams ever, they just work so wonderfully


I’ve got 3 and 4 to go but having a break at the moment.

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Fantastic sets that I really love going back to, fully agree with your favourites and I will say that Beachhead has a special place for me after listening to it along with a friend. I love its more ‘domestic’ episodes (i.e. not the finale-type ones) and it really feels like 8-Liv-Helen would be a brilliant TV TARDIS Team.

Hope you enjoy Ravenous - some highs and lows as will be expected but some stories are absolute favourites there too!


Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if Eight, Liv and Helen featured in a TV episode. Spin-off?! We can only dream…


One of my favorites. Volumes 3 and 4 especially are near perfect. I love Liv and Helen, and River’s inclusion really works. The plot is tightly written and the finale is extremely satisfying

Ravenous is up next and it’s also extremely incredible. These two series as a pair are one of my favorite eras of all Doctor Who



I’m going into Ravenous completely blind - I knew Dark Eyes was to do with Daleks, and I knew Doom Coalition was all about The Eleven, but so far I’ve forgotten what Ravenous is about and am happy to leave it like that until I listen :smiley:


it’s about the Ravenous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Shhh! (I kind of think I know, but am trying to not remember! Spoilers!)

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My hottest of takes is that I am a Liv Chenka hater and actually feel like most of Helen’s potential ends up robbed because of how much Liv takes her spotlight whenever Helen tries to sneak in

I am not a Liv hater by any means, but I so agree with you that Helen gets overlooked and outshined all the time - it’s one of the things that I most hated about Stranded tbh (sorry everyone, I’m actually a Stranded hater too :rofl:) Like really, after the Sonomancer, Helen’s character has gone almost nowhere - praise be to Roy Gill for giving her an interesting few stories though

Yeah, I was really hoping that the sets after Stranded would carry on after Liv’s departure, with just 8 and Helen and I’m still a little annoyed that they didn’t.


Did you manage to finish Ravenous yet?

Not yet. I got distracted by The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles and all the Clubs haha.

I’ll finish it next. I’m up to Seizure


I found Ravenous to be a looser series structure than Doom Coalition, which I think is the most planned out ahead of time arc of this era. That said, the christmas two-parter in the middle is excellent and the two-part series finale is excellent and actually does tie things together fairly well.