Doom Coalition - the chronometer thingy

With the caveat that I’ve still got the final story of Doom Coalition 3 to listen to, can someone explain to me what is going on the Chronometer.

I get that the pieces were scattered around time and space but if it is a device which is going to cause problems for time and space, why are the Doctor, Liv and Helen collecting the pieces to put it back together. And then River Song comes along and seems determined to put the 9th piece in the machine even with the Doctor and Helen being held captive by a maniac Time Lord.

I just don’t get why they don’t stop it being built if they know it’s going to cause mayhem?

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I’ve forgotten most of what happened (which shows how much I was really paying attention, I didn’t really like the story arc in this) but from what I think:

Didn’t the Doctor not realise what it was until it was too late? He wanted to find the bits because they were clearly something important and Time Lord ish but he didn’t know what it would do.

Or did they want to collect it so the enemies didn’t have them?

Meh, the whole concept was a bit silly I thought.


This is sort of it I think but it just gets a bit odd when River interferes and is trying to get the last piece reunited with the rest and the bloke who’s been there throughout time is obviously desperate it doesn’t happen. She doesn’t even start to question why Octavian is trying to stop her.

To be honest, I’ve not enjoyed Kingston’s performance in this set at all. River just seems far too smug and the whole ‘the Doctor can’t know who I am stuff’ I can see getting old quick.

I know you adore her but I’m still not getting what is appealing about her character or Kingston’s performance, if I’m honest. Sorry :frowning:

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Don’t make it all about River!!! :triumph:

Haha I do understand what you mean though - her mysteriousness can get old pretty fast in stories like this, but as for the character and the performance - I just love it all, sorry.

She’s best when she is sad about the idea of losing the Doctor - which is mostly in the TV show. She’s also at her best when she is off adventuring on her own and not chasing the Doctor’s coattails.

If you want to listen to a really excellent story and excellent performance from River, and it has nothing to do with the Doctor, then listen to The Diary of River Song Series 11: Friend of the Family

(Despite it being series 11, it has no prerequisites - this is probably why the retired the Diary of River Song name and started again…)


I think in this one, I just don’t understand what is motivating her to do what she’s doing. She’s just sort of there, disguised as a nun.

That said, I do quite enjoy her interactions with Liv and Helen.

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She’s contractually obliged to be there? :smiley:

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To be quite honest, I’ve listened to DC a bunch of times and I don’t think I’ve ever properly understood it - I find all the 16 part boxsets of the 8DAs quite hard to follow, and it’s quite possible that it’s a me problem, but yeah. DC has never made that much sense to me and I can’t fully understand why any of them are doing any of the things they do :woman_shrugging: