Dark Gallifrey

For all things Dark Gallifrey, which seems quite different to the other Gallifrey range.

New preview clip Morbius Part 1



I can’t wait for this. Hopefully it makes sense without having to listen to BF Time War releases.

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I’m so freaking excited for this series. I like the idea of shining spotlights on the darker side of the Whoniverse.

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I need you guys to listen to this when it comes out and tell me if it’s actually worth it, I’m very on the fence about it at the moment but if the reviews are good I might give it a go


I’m excited about Morbius. The vibe feels great What is Dark Gallifrey? - by Tim Foley - The Listening Post

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Thank you for linking this, I was not sold on this (the title is nails on a blackboard to me) but the way this was pitched, and the imagery associated, AND it’s basically one of the earliest set stories on Gallifrey? My excitement to listen to this has jumped up quite significantly. I’m running a Gallifrey set DWRPG game right now and any bit of ancient Gallifreyan lore, I’ll hoover up.

Dark Gallifrey though…goodness :smiley:

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Tim Foley is a great writer.


I just need one question answered - is Narvin in it???

Not yet :frowning: (delusionally hoping he will be)

now that’s like the #1 thing that would make me drop everything and listen immediately :rofl:

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Time Lord Villains sale for Dark Gallifrey’s release week mayhaps have some hints as to what lies in the future:

Officially confirmed: Morbius and the War Master

In the sale: Morbius, The Monk, The Renegade/The Convergence/The Unity/The Whatever you want to call them, Omega, The Rani, Missy

In the trailer: War Master, Eric Roberts Master, The Nun(?), The Monk, Missy

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The Convergence? Is this what The Eleven is going by now?

For some reason reading this back I hear it in an incredulous Romana II voice.


Honestly, I’ve heard them called so many different things in the fandom I can’t keep track.

I suggested “The Count” to John Dorney at Gallifrey One

Hope he didn’t misshear you lol

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I just listened to the first episode today, and I loved it! It had a wonderful, strange atmosphere, and I adored all the tiny details about Gallifrey’s history. Loved the images– the ship flying through the Vortex, the Shimmering Man with light under his skin…

To be honest I was ready for something good because I normally enjoy Tim Foley scripts but I wasn’t expecting something so gripping and exciting. If I was forced to I’d say the story itself is a pretty standard naval voyage structure, but it’s full to the brim with striking imagery and fun characters. The acting and sound design too were gorgeous. Really lovely!