Crossover Wishes

Note: I don’t know how to put this in multiple categories (as I feel this could be a combied Audio/Books/Comics discussion), so I put it in “General”.

Are there any companions that you’d like to see crossover from their original medium to have new adventures in another? [Example: Novel Companion to Audio, Audio Companion to Comic or Novel, etc.] I feel that this could be a way to get more adventures with a favorite character beyond their original run. Like getting new audio adventures with the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones from the novels, or Eight and Destrii from the DWM comics (since Destrii never had a departure story), or maybe some novels with Six and Eveyln (since Maggie’s passing means no more audios with the pair). Would love to hear your thoughts.


Great topic! (there’s no way to put it in 2 categories - General is fine for this!)

Personally I am loving the Eighth Doctor right now, so Eighth Doctor & Lucie Miller, or Eighth Doctor & Liv and Helen (maybe Andy too), in TV format, would be a dream come true.

The actors ageing can put a stopper to a lot of these problems, but we can dream! Or maybe Disney can lend their de-ageing tech they used on India Jones and Iron Man for this haha.


Frobisher. We need live action Frobisher on tv with the 15th Doctor.

They managed the Meep, so they should be able to manage this as well…


I would love to read novels with Evelyn and would definitely be up for audios with Destrii or, for that matter, more with Fitz or Izzy. I never got the obsession BF had with Mary Shelley and found that series of audios very lacklustre. I’d much rather have had more stories with Izzy.


I really enjoyed The Silver Turk. That said, I wasn’t overly enamored with Mary herself. At least they only did the one trilogy.

It always feels weird to have real world historical people as companions, I know The Doctor doesn’t tend to stick to what the first Doctor said: “don’t change history, not one line” but that’s a bit much

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Mary’s Story and The Silver Turk were good but Army of Death was awful. And as you say, Mary herself was a bit of a nothing character.


An younger Evelyn could work in tv as an historical companion

It would be a bit weird having a historical companion from an era that ‘contemporary’ companions came from (I’m assuming she’d have been young in the 50s/60s) but I suppose it could work. I’m not sure I fancy a recast of the wonderful Maggie Stables though.


Agreed. I wouldn’t want to replace the amazing Maggie Stables. That’s why further adventures in novel and comic stories would be perfect.

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There are some villains that I’d love to see go into other mediums from big finish any of the numbers, the 11 etc, and nobody noone, but they probably wouldn’t work in the show very well

Spoilered just in case people are less familiar with big finish


I’d love to see The Eleven, especially as Mark Bonnar was already in the Ganger two-parter from Series 6. I’d also like to see The Forge and Nimrod on TV. Can you imagine a battle between UNIT, the Forge and Torchwood with the Doctor in the middle?


Add faction paradox, and C19

Is that C19 from Who Killed Kennedy. What else are they in?

someone put Narvin on my television NOW PLEASE


They were mentioned in Time-Flight

Ah a Narvin fan. Does Sean Carlsen have a restraining order :wink:

Probably a bit too similar to UNIT and Torchwood to be distinctive enough for TV.

C19 also featured heavily in Scales of Injustice.


I knew they’d appeared somewhere else. Business Unusual as well?