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In possibly the biggest update to the site in a single day, we’ve added to the site hundreds of stories across these collectables:

Stories added this Month (May) is now 740!

And we are over 5000 stories in total, 5149!! :tada:

Big thanks to @SheaPM for their help with the Annuals, and @Tian for help adding more comics!

We’re nearly there guys!

Do you own any of these annuals? Discuss below!


Couldn’t wait two days to make next month easier!?

In all seriousness, wow, that’s mad, nearly 15% of the stories on the site added this month


At the moment if I’ve got time I hanker down and do it because I don’t get many chances!

I’m not even sure there are enough stories left to beat my score next month!!


Thank you for your continued work at making this one of the greatest place for Doctor Who.


It appears that you’re missing from the Dalek Book ( Otherwise you have everything from that on there now. From the The Dalek Outer Space Book (, it appears you’re missing, and The Evolution of Planet Skaro (no link). Beyond these, it appears that you’ve got everything as far as what I’d put in a spreadsheet.


Thanks, will add those!


I’ve added Dalek Planetarium, and Dalek Saturn Probe.

Top Secret is a ‘feature’, not sure I should add that? It doesn’t fit any of the categories…

And Evolution of Planet Skaro - I can’t really add anything not on TARDIS Wiki because I don’t have any information about it. Maybe later if someone has the actual book…


Tardis Wiki currently has pages for 10220 distinct, released pieces of fiction and there are more that don’t currently have pages. I don’t know if all of these would qualify for inclusion on this project, but there are pleanty of stories left.



I wonder what the other 5,000 are then!


It’s hard to say. I imagine a lot of comics (particuarly the older TV Comic and TV Century 21 stuff - for TV21 specifically, Tardis Wiki covers a lot of comics and short stories with varying levels of relevance to Doctor Who, from actual appearances of Daleks, to mentions of a recurring concept that happened to be introduced in another story the wiki covers). The gag comics like Doctor Who?, Nix View (currently largely lacking individual wiki pages), Doctor Whoah! and The Daft Dimension make up a few hundred but I don’t know if you want to include this type of thing. There’s also all of the fringe spin-offs and connected series. Again, I don’t know how wild you plan to go with these. Another potentially large area is the RTD-era web tie-in content. Covering this is an ongoing project on the wiki, but, of what we do cover, there are probably around 100 stories, “features” and games. For the rest, it’s hard to say. The wiki has pages on a lot of largely disconnected pieces of fiction which are hard to string into cohesive series and so are hard to quantitatively out numbers to. If you want to be completely comprehensive, your best bet would be to go through and its subcategories - these are going to be much more complete than the wiki’s release date pages as those are updated manually. That would be a very tedious process, though.


The only ones I’ve never managed to get my hands on are the very rare Troughton ones and the pink Pertwee.

Many of them are pdfs on the DVDs.

The stories they tell are often as bizarre as TV Comic.