Category Highlight: Cross-Media Discussions

As the Guide and this forum grows, more and more threads get added and older threads tend to fall by the wayside and get forgotten (until a similar topic is created and the two, or three, topics get merged). This is a friendly reminder to periodically pick a category or tag, click activity column and scroll through the older topics and threads. You might find something interesting that hasn’t been discussed in a while and be able to add to the discussion.

Today’s category is Cross-Media Discussions, which contains discussions about series, stories and themes which span multiple medias. This often means threads that look at whole eras (The Ninth Doctor era, The Last Great Time War!, Pre-Season 1) or individual seasons, but including all the expanded media that is set within that season (Season 7: Expanded, Season 4: Expanded, Season 19: Expanded). So feel free to browse and help revitalize old conversations. Whatever you want to talk about, we’re usually game to discuss along with you.